Posted by: Scott Lee | January 31, 2010

Now you can be Governor

And isn’t that what we need…8 million Governor’s!!  The TD is asking if you can make the “tough” decisions with the budget: cut or raise taxes!

There is one more solution that wasn’t allowed, apparently!  Cutting taxes!  I know…too frightening for some!  But it can be and it should be a real option.  Letting people keep their money allows for them to drive the economy and increase revenue to our beloved government! (Besides, even if it never created one job it is the right and moral thing to do!)  But, I digress….

Take the little test that the TD is giving and see if you can cut enough to balance the budget. 

By the way, I feel like there is something missing from the cut list, do you?


  1. I did it , there were things missing ,I also started running a surplus with all the cuts I did. Nothing was spared from the cuts ,No one or any buget was safe. sometime doing the hard and mean thing is the only way to save the state.

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