Posted by: Scott Lee | February 1, 2010

School Choice

The civil rights issue of our day!  I have always been amazed at the level of disgust the radical public education system has had against parents making decisions for the children’s education.  (Yet, this same group usually loves screaming “choice” when it comes to aborting a child, but no choice once they are born!)

The good news is more freedom may be coming to parents very soon:

Gov. Bob McDonnell has said he wants to see changes to make it easier to open charter schools, even mentioning his support in his response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Wednesday.

He also appointed charter school proponent Gerard Robinson, who had served as president of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, as state education secretary. That organization aims to provide low-income and working-class black families with access to high-quality education through such programs as charter schools, school vouchers, virtual schools and more.

Choice in education?  Maybe, just maybe, McDonnell and his team will give real “hope and change” to “low-income and working-class black families” in regards to their children’s education. 

Change we can believe in!


  1. Public education has been a boon, believe or not, to this country. However, the modern version has lessened the control of the local community over the schools. So….privatize the schools while publicly funding the tuition. Local areas can decide how much they want to spend per kid. Send that money to the parents and let THEM decide which school to go to.

    Richmond spends about 9k per child. If Henrico spent that much, my daughter’s class would pull in $180K. There are, at least, 400 children in her school. Do you think that we could fund that school on that amount? Steamline the administration. The county pays for superintendent on up. The school pays for Principal on down, including benefits.

    Let the school set the tuition and let the parents keep whatever they don’t spend. Or send the checks directly to the school. However, that version would ensure that ALL schools would raise the minimum to the public amount. The first way would ensure that some schools would try to attract students with lower tuition.

    • Cargosquid,
      When you multiply 400 times 9000, you come up with 3.6 million. You would need 16* teachers at 25 students per class. At 40 k per year salary that would account for $640,000. direct monies for the teachers For arguments sake let’s call it 700k with bennies. YOu still have 2.9 mil to work with.

      * 13 teachers at 30 students per class/ $520,000 in direct salaries
      this is just off the top of my head

  2. See, it works! The problem is that we are trying to fund the schools from the top down.

    • Agreed! And thatis how our government is supposed to be……….from the bottom up not the top down!!!! HOORAH

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