Posted by: Scott Lee | February 4, 2010

Pro-Aborts respond to life

I have been amazed at the response to Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad.  Especially the pro-aborts!  What is so frightening about Tebow’s message?  Would it be a threat to Planned Parenthood  if a pregnancy that “could” be a threat could actually turn out to be very positive?   Well..I guess it would be…and that is why they aren’t happy (and how could they be happy when babies are born!)

Really?  Respect her choices???  Any choices?  Should we respect her choice to drink and drive, rob a bank, kill someone? 

I have little respect for bad choices!


  1. Tim’s mom is pro choice……………SHE CHOSE LIFE.

    • Amen John amen. The hate that the proabortion crowd has done is amazing .

  2. Keith,
    I wonder if Al Joyner ans Sean James ever thanked their mothers for NOT aborting them. Tim’s mom made a life and death decision based solely on her faith in Jesus. NoW that is a REAL WOMAN !!!!!

    • Yes she is a great woman of faith like Ruth of the old testament , and for her faith she was blessed.
      they are just being used as tools ,(or as I like to say Borg drones).
      In LIberty my freind

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