Posted by: Scott Lee | February 7, 2010

Bush tax cuts cause deficit

Liberals never learn.  Just when you think that most people get it, someone writes a letter to the TD blaming Bush’s tax cuts for the deficit! 

Here are a few amazing statements:

Do you see the common theme?  The reason we have a deficit is not from over spending, but because you haven’t paid enough in taxes.  (Once again, try that one with your employer at work. Demand a raise because your in debt!)

One more thing…lowering  taxes raises revenues!  Liberals should cheer this…it provides more money to their precious government programs!  But more importantly, tax cuts are a moral issue!  It not your money!  If government can’t do with what they have…then too bad…my heart breaks!

The same thought process that is expressed by this scary Richmonder (Robert A. Sullivan) is also running Congress and the White House!


We talked about it here.

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