Posted by: Scott Lee | February 7, 2010

The Founding Era is not important..

what IS  important is what is relevant to our lives or,in this case, our children’s lives!  Yep, this is the reason that they are removing the study of our Declaration of Independence, Founding Fathers, and anything before 1877 in NC public schools!

“We are certainly not trying to go away from American history,” Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, told Fox News. “What we are trying to do is figure out a way to teach it where students are connected to it, where they see the big idea, where they are able to make connections and draw relationships between parts of our history and the present day.”

Yep, there is nothing wrong with our public education system, not a thing!  What the heck is going on!  And we question why we have the government we do?  Because we don’t have any idea what are our founding principles!  The Declaration of Independence doesn’t connect with our kids? Abraham Lincoln doesn’t connect with our kids?  George Washington?

Since when do we base what we teach our kids on whether they are connecting?  I didn’t connect with math, yet they still taught it to me because it was necessary!

We talked about it here. 

The philosophy in the classroom in one generation will become the politics in the next!  God help us!

How can you liberals sleep at night?



  1. Are you kidding me ? When has it ever been about what the kids “want” to learn. The inmates are already running the prisons. What if little “Willie” only connected with being a pimp. Maybe that would at least teach Capitalism. These educators ? are the reason our children cannot reason. Then they grow up and vote. God help us.

  2. Scott
    Like I said on Saturday in my email, the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution ARE THE BIG IDEAS. For without them we would not have what we have! The indoctinators remind me of a scripture verse; “declaring themselves to be wise; they have become fools!”

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