Posted by: Scott Lee | February 8, 2010

Green Police

Did you see the Audi green police ad?  Holy Crap, was that too realistic or what?  If you missed it….

I thought it was mocking the entire stupidity of the green movement, yet at the same time it was trying to convince me to by a “green” car?  Or what?  Obama’s and Al Gore’s “green police” will get us?

Actually, it might just be a view into what the radical Left has in store for us!  Banning plastic bags, forced recycling, and legislation to demand certain light bulbs is just the beginning!

Not a good commercial, it made me mad!


  1. Scott,
    I was saying the same thing to my wife and sons. We thought ito be both funny and hopefully NOT prophetic.

  2. the problem is John it is more likely than you think , Progressives will stop at nothing to cause tryanny in this country . we only have a short time to stop them or slow them down .
    In Liberty


  3. Keith, You are absolutely on target about their tyranny. They are short one vote for a while, though.

    Old Abscam Murtha went to meet Teddy in Hell today. I wonder if the fires of Hell itself can actually consume all of the bribe money that those two scumbags handled.

    How’s old Arlen Spector doing?

    • Hope That Liberty loving patriot will take his seat . spector will be losing his in NOV . the republican there seem to have the lead right now in the polls.

  4. Keith and Bubba,
    google , if you would, Walter Cronkite/ New World Order/ Right hand of Satan and listen in Walter’s own words how America MUST surrender some of its soverignty! It is nothin shy of treason! This is a ten minute video that was done in 1999. At the end of the Awards Cerimony, First Lady Hillary Clinton congratulates him on winning the “Norman Cousins Award for GLOBAL GOVERNANCE”. I have blogged about it here before.

    • I have seen or heard that before john, when I heard that I lost all respect for him. He was an internationalist Whom believed there should be a one world goverment.


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