Posted by: Scott Lee | February 22, 2010

The scare tactics start

I mentioned this before (Can we survive?),  but it is getting loud!

Chanting and waving handmade signs, Richmond-area parents, teachers and children greeted state lawmakers walking into the General Assembly Building yesterday, just before the money committees unveiled their proposed changes to the state’s budget.

Erin Warby turned out yesterday with her two children and a lesson plan.

“I work very hard and stress education to them,” said the single mother from Richmond who worked full time while putting herself through college. “I think it’s extremely important to teach them that when you don’t agree with your elected leaders, it’s important to let them know.”

Richmond kindergarten teacher Ollie Hill fears that cuts will hit the parts of the school experience that can keep kids engaged — programs like foreign language and pre-K.

I am still waiting for a solution from these people….holding my breath…..oh…other then raising taxes!

Just a reminder, the education of our children is the responsibility of the parents, not the state!

We talked about it here.

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