Posted by: Scott Lee | February 22, 2010

There are some Patrick Henry’s in the GA..

Delegate Kirk Cox!  He gave a rip-roaring speech on the floor of the House last Friday, Feb 19th that would have made Patrick Henry proud!

Essentially, he focus was to defend the tax payer!  In the tradition of the Lee Brother household, he described the people in VA who don’t have lobbyists, who work hard, and are cutting all they can, and fighting to take care of their families!  Meanwhile, government grows, government jobs are protected, and lobbyists…lobby!  He went on to described the bloated and massive growth of education spending!  In short, Delegate Cox defended you on floor of the house: TAX PAYERS, who don’t have the ability to run to their employer and demand more money like the government can do!


Take that! You whiners!

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