Result of Obama…

more taxes!  Not shocked?  Me either!  Charles  Krauthammer comments make the point:

Obama set out to be a  consequential president, on the order of Ronald
Reagan. With the VAT, Obama’s  triumph will be complete. He will have succeeded
in reversing Reaganism.  Liberals have long complained that Reagan’s
strategy was to starve the  (governmental) beast in order to shrink it: First, cut
taxes — then ultimately  you have to reduce government spending.
Obama’s strategy is exactly  the opposite: Expand the beast, and then feed
it. Spend first — which then  forces taxation. Now that, with the
institution of universal health care, we are  becoming the full entitlement state,
the beast will have to be fed.

How will the beast be feed? Can you spell – VAT!

Well, Obama always wanted us to be more like Europe! 


“No, is not Enough” DC march

Join the Richmond Patriots in a caravan to Washington DC on March 20th. This is our last effort to oppose the Socialcrats and Obama in the Big Government, Big Spending takeover of our freedorm, our rights as Americans and our Healthcare.
We will be leaving from the Bass Pro Shop on I-95 in Ashland, VA at 8:00 AM and park at Union Station, DC.  Drive your gas guzzeling SUV’s and your big,
expensive van’s to help transport people.  No eco-friendly cars allowed.  Let’s spend our money on gas before the government takes every penny we have
worked hard to earn. 
Please contact me at or 804 741 3455  or Michelle Stanley at jmstanleyfam@gmail for more information.   Or simple meet us at Bass Pro Shop at 8:00 AM Saturday.  We will be the ones with the ‘No, Is Not Good Enough’ signs.
Directions from Bass Pro Shop to Union Station
*Follow I-95 North toward Washington DC.
*I-95 becomes I-395 when you cross I-495.  Continue North on I-395.
*Exit at Massachusetts Avenue.
*Turn Right onto Massachusetts Avenue (East).
*Follow Massachusetts Avenue approximately 4 blocks to Columbus Circle.
*Union Station is on the Left.
Parking fee at Union Station for 4 to 5 hours is $13.00.
The time of the rally is 12:00 noon.  The exact location of the rally is pending the permit.  We will keep you advised of the latest information as it is released.. 
Laura Alcorn
Michelle Stanley
Richmond Patriots, LLC

Visit Richmond Patriots at:

Wounded Intruder?

TD reported: Intruder wounded at northern Henrico home

Wounded?  WOUNDED?????  No intruder in my house would be…wounded!!  There will be one story when the cops arrive….mine!

Well, unless I make my house a “Gun Free Zone” then I wouldn’t have to worry about bad guys!

At least this homeowner was smart enough to excercise his Second Amendment rights!  However, now, with our legal system and liberal ideals the intruder may be able to sue the homeowner for excessive force or some other stupid reason (remember this)!

General Assembly session over

So, ask yourself, “Did the GA expand freedom or restrict it?”  Well, you decide by looking at the below list:

Lawmakers defeated legislation that would put anti-bias protections for gay state workers in state law.

Virginians still may not purchase more than one handgun a month. A Senate subcommittee defeated a number of gun-rights bills, most notably a measure to repeal the one-gun-a-month restriction. But Gov. Bob McDonnell plans to sign measures that would allow permit holders to bring concealed handguns into bars — as long as the holder does not drink — and let nonpermit holders lock their guns in their cars.

Lawmakers backed McDonnell’s reforms for charter schools, virtual classes and college partnership lab schools. Under the charter-school compromise, the state Board of Education would recommend approval or disapproval of an application, but the local school board still would have the final decision.

McDonnell plans to sign legislation that says Virginians may not be forced to buy health insurance, regardless of any mandate in a federal health-care overhaul.’

Lawmakers voted to let anyone who lives in a neighborhood governed by a homeowners association display the American flag. But the association can place restrictions on the flag’s size and placement.

Under two bills that McDonnell signed, Virginia would allow drilling for oil and natural gas off its coast and apply 80 percent of the future proceeds to transportation. Drilling would require a federally approved lease sale.

Virginia maintains its liquor-store monopoly. Lawmakers withdrew or rejected bills either to privatize or study the privatization of the state’s alcoholic beverage control stores.

Lawmakers approved an expansion of the death penalty to include the murder of fire marshals and auxiliary police officers. Lawmakers voted not to repeal the so-called “triggerman” law, under which, in most cases, only the actual killer may be eligible for the death penalty.

Internet retailers will not be forced to collect Virginia’s 5 percent sales tax. A panel of the House Finance Committee rejected a bill to make them pay the sales tax.

Virginia will not raise its gasoline tax of 17.5 cents per gallon as fuel efficiency increases. The House Finance Committee carried over until next year a bill to index the gasoline tax.

Richmond will be able to offer a tax-amnesty program this year under a bill approved by the legislature. City officials estimate they could collect an additional $4 million to $8 million in unpaid taxes.

You still may be ticketed only for failure to wear a seat belt if pulled over for another offense. Lawmakers defeated three bills that would have made failure to wear a seat belt a primary offense. But lawmakers backed another bill that would increase the age for mandatory seat-belt use in back seats from 16 to 18.

Legislators voted to increase the speed limit to 70 mph on many stretches of interstate highways. But they voted not to repeal the ban on radar detectors in vehicles.

Legislators defeated bills that would have mandated ignition-interlock devices for all people convicted of driving under the influence. Such devices require a breath sample before the vehicle can be started.

The management structure of Virginia’s computer bureaucracy will change. McDonnell will sign legislation under which the governor — not an oversight board — will have the authority to hire and fire the boss of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency.

Next year’s redrawing of legislative and congressional districts after the census will remain a partisan affair. A House subcommittee defeated a bill to create a bipartisan panel to advise lawmakers on redistricting.

The Best form of Government is the one not in session!

Government planning

But starting this summer, federal law to promote energy efficiency will end the manufacture of the T12’s magnetic ballast — a sort of electrical control device for fluorescent lights — and in 2012 end production of the T12 bulb.

Federal Law?  Don’t you love centralized planning?  Did the market demand this?  No!  Liberals did! 

“Ultimately, you’re not going to be able to get them,” said Steve Levet, co-owner of Atlantic Electrical Supply in Richmond. “It’s going to affect every business out there.”

It going to effect every customer.  Costs will rise!  Jobs may be lost!  But we are saving the planet!

Feel Better!  This is what we get when feel-good, bleeding-heart Liberals run our country!


The Senate Health Bill

 Before the “reconciliation” process, we should remember one thing: the House of Representatives must first pass the 2,700-page, $2.5 trillion, Senate health bill.  Did you forget what’s in this awful bill?  Here are a few reminders:

Scary isn”t it! 


Public Unions and the Minimum Wage hurt America

Two huge Liberal, Leftist, Statists, Democrat demands and issues: Unions and the minimum Wage!  Both of these are hurting America!

First, the entire idea of a Public Union is an awful idea for free people and free markets.  Just a small glimpse into the history of them you will see that they should be banned!

Although I disagree with unions, in general, I can see how the private sector could work with them in a system(free market) that produces product for profit that can be shared by employees and employers!  (And no citizen is forced to buy the product.)  No profit-no business!  YET, the public sector is funded by you, the taxpayer; wealth created by others. So, if unions are to “protest” or “organize” for more money, taxes must be increased, spending taken from someone else (education, public safety), or, worse, deficit spending!  But the part that really makes me puke is the fact that the very service or product doesn’t even have to be successful (Education, post office, Amtrak) and, in many cases, citizens are forced to buy it or don’t even have a choice of products!  Ban all public unions now for the sake of the taxpayer!