Posted by: Scott Lee | March 14, 2010

Government planning

But starting this summer, federal law to promote energy efficiency will end the manufacture of the T12’s magnetic ballast — a sort of electrical control device for fluorescent lights — and in 2012 end production of the T12 bulb.

Federal Law?  Don’t you love centralized planning?  Did the market demand this?  No!  Liberals did! 

“Ultimately, you’re not going to be able to get them,” said Steve Levet, co-owner of Atlantic Electrical Supply in Richmond. “It’s going to affect every business out there.”

It going to effect every customer.  Costs will rise!  Jobs may be lost!  But we are saving the planet!

Feel Better!  This is what we get when feel-good, bleeding-heart Liberals run our country!



  1. Do they realize how many of these tubes are in every building in the united states, of course this is stupid does as stupid is.

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