Posted by: Scott Lee | March 15, 2010

Reagan Debating Obama

This is absolutely perfect!  I know it takes a few minutes but I felt like you would really enjoy it- I did!

Wow-I miss Reagan!


  1. I know this is going to make the liberals heads’ explode but what the hell. I do now believe that Barack H. Obama is not duly sworn is as Prsident of the United States. WHy you ask? Because he has willfully breached the oath of office in UPHOLDING and PROTECTING the constitution of
    the United States. I am convinced that he took the oath of office without ever intending to ever uphold it.
    To fundimentally change something, by definition, you must abandon the direction by which you started! IF you are going to fundamentally chanfge America by removing our Constitution, then you have become an enemy of the Cosntitution and need to be ARRESTED. And that goes for both sides of the isle, republican and democrat.

  2. nah not really John,

    Cuz True great Americans dont feel the need to limit debates between just 2 presidents when we have had 44 total presidents.

    About all this “debate?” does is reveal how WEAK the next 2 REPUBLICAN presidents were since they had to be skipped to go back to Reagan .

    But i must THANK YOU for feeling OBAMA is after only 14 Months in office as important a president as Reagan was after 8 years .
    After all EDITED SPEECHES can be used to convey what the EDITOR wants to show.
    The DIRTY LITTLE SECRET is trying to prevent folks who hear that debate from realizing what was said may not be in the context it seems due to the EDITING factor.
    And me reminding other readers of that fact sure isnt in the interests of the creator of that “debate?”

    What the old story about pulling the wool over folks eyes too fool em?

    Keeping things in perspective
    Grant 14348 🙂 🙂 :-* 🙂

    • Grant you assume that i am referring to the “debate” between Reagan an Obama. I am not in any way doing that. I am just comparing Obama to his word when campaigning. HE HAS NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO KEEPING THE FIRST SYLLABLE. He did et the transparency right, but not the way he would like me to believe. I can see right through the worthless fool.
      Hard core anti-constitutional leftists and racebating ideologues are the only ones showing up for his pep rallies. They are union fools who have had their pensions squandered by their own leadership. They have been sold down the river and they are too stupid to even know it.

      just keeping things in perspective.

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