Posted by: Scott Lee | March 19, 2010

Congressman that should hear from you-

Gerald COnnolly-D-11th 202-225-1492 or 703-256-3071

Glenn Nye-D-2nd     757-326-6201 or 202-225-4215

Rick Boucher -D -9th   202-225-3861 or 540-980-4310

Tom Perriello -D- 5th  202-225-4711 or 434-296-0465



  1. Amazing how these dems will not answer the phone ,and block the message block. TYRANNY IS COMEING

  2. Hi guys,

    As a heads up you might want ot be EXTRA careful over the logic any Attorneys General use against the Health bill due to that very logic later being used on other topics.

    I beleive the USSC will rule this way .

    They will use the precedent used back in the 1930’s to set up Social Security.
    The main reason Social security was set up was because so many american citizens noted how federal employees had had a retirement program set up in the 1880’s anbd during the depression those elderly well at least able to survive the depression in decent shape compared to those that had no retirement program in place.
    Of course what is overlooked is how much those federal employees had paid into their Civil Service plan over the preceding decades.

    Another option ithe USSC could rules forcing statres to all do like mass and set up their own programs to be able to “opt out” of the fed plan.
    At that point each state will have to decide which direction to go in.

    So the general public decided hey we want a retirement plan as well. And since the repulbicans saw how massive their congressional losses had been in the 1930 and 1932 general elections they pretty much had to agree to keep the few remaining GOP in congress as best they could.
    ( I suggest you look up the party makeup of both the House & Senate in the years from 1924 thru 1934 to see how massive the GOP losses were.) But if want me to i will post those numbers later in this thread.:-)

    So now we seem to have similiar situation with folks and health care looking at those with it being able to survive better than tohse without access to it. (Keep in mind while i understand why some dont want to be forced to buy health care you need to realize the fact those that want to buy are NOT allowed to buy have as much rights as those that dont want to buy.)
    THAT is the reason it passed and if the GOP think they can get rid of those folks coverage then i expects those that voted in 2008 that sat out the 2009 election will return in even larger numbers to vote out more GOP in 2010.

    So make your play now cuz this will be settled come november one way or the other .And i’m glad we have 2 different sides on this topic cuz it makes it easy for the majority to decide which path to follow.

    I can accept my side losing in november. the question becomes can you?

    Grant 🙂 🙂 14541

  3. One more thing to concider is the fact if the USSC does rule against national health care will that make support with nations with their versions of national health care be able to receive foreign aid in any form from the USA?

    Gonna be kinda tuff to justify sending money raised by taxes on americans to a country with national health care while denying that very service to american citizens.

    On a related note i wonder if this is one explaination for the recent trend of reversals for those that claim the rich are being soaked by Obama.
    It appears to me the number of americans that actually do control wealth seems to be shrinking.And combined with how some of the rich like to keep track of how wealthy others are ( IE:Forbes 500 lists) could the folks less wealthy now see this as an opportunity to bring those with extreme wealth back down to their lower level of wealth ?
    It would appear wealthy folks would do everything possible to ensure their numbers dont dwindle to the point where they have little power by ensuring the wealth does in fact trickle down to more folks .Did this in fact actually occur as was touted by the bush tax cuts? Cuz if it did then it would seem far more folks would be out and about supporting the wealthy and frankly i just dont see it goin on now .
    Just an added observation.

    Grant 🙂 🙂 14675

    Isnt it about time for Richard Lee to start a thread?

    Just keeping things in perspective.

  4. (1) social security was taken out of the paycheck as a tax. Health insurance “MUST BE PURCHASED” or you will be fined and maybe jailed…..NOT TAXED! So the IRS cant get involved, even though that is what they are planning on.
    (2) Those that survived the Depression did so without social security. My father lived through that era and his family made it without government intervention, as did allthe people of the heart land of the country.
    (3) social Security was still a Ponzi scheme. I would rather have all the money back that the Feds took from me and have invested at 8% in stead of the POSSIBLE 2% that I might not get now.
    (4) My side is America and her Constitution.

  5. Actually John ,

    Folks took note of Civil Service folks that were retired and living comfortably during the depression thanks to a 50 year old pension system as a motivator to organize a form of retirement for those that business didnt cover.
    Little mention was made at the time about how those Civl Service folks had paid into a system that most americans wernt a part of.
    But when they saw the results they were very happy to have a program set up to help them in their old age.

    I am fully aware how the SS program got modified later on but even you must admit neither party ever tried to undo those modifications when they had the majority.
    As for being a ponzi scheme as of today SS still takes in more than it pays out ,BUT the potential for investment to add to it’s coffers has been ruined by the removal of money and replacing it with IOUS.
    So calling it a ponzi scheme is a best disengenuious cuz without being tampered with it would still be flush with cash to pay the future retirees.

    BTW on your”MUST BE PURCHASED” comment ,why arent you also demanding the reversal of the ‘MUST GIVE TREATMENT” situation that hospitals find themselves in with folks with out insurance. It seems to me that is socialist as well .Yet i see no effort to end that practice.

    And dont be so sure if the founding fathers saw how things were now that they themselves would demand a constitutional convention to take a look at some of the things they did 220 plus years ago that didnt anticipate the modern world we live in. Who knows what changes they would make now having seen what changes have been done to the constitution since 1787.

    Plus keep in mind once the 11st amendment was added in 1795 the constitutution of our founding fathers ceased to exist in the condition they created it.

    Grant 😉 😉 14704

  6. Grant
    conservative republicans did not control both houses until 1994. SS went into operation when???
    The MUST GIVE TREATMENT is to hospitals that accept federal monies.
    well then let’s get a constitutional amendment going. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE NOT THE COURTS NOR ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL PROGRESSIVES

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