Posted by: Scott Lee | April 5, 2010

Obama on being over-taxed

“We are over-taxed as it is,” Doris said bluntly.

Obama started out feisty. “Well, let’s talk about that, because this is an area where there’s been just a whole lot of misinformation, and I’m going to have to work hard over the next several months to clean up a lot of the misapprehensions that people have,” the president said.

He then spent the next 17 minutes and 12 seconds lulling the crowd into a daze. His discursive answer – more than 2,500 words long — wandered from topic to topic, including commentary on the deficit, pay-as-you-go rules passed by Congress, Congressional Budget Office reports on Medicare waste, COBRA coverage, the Recovery Act and Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (he referred to this last item by its inside-the-Beltway name, “F-Map”). He talked about the notion of eliminating foreign aid (not worth it, he said). He invoked Warren Buffett, earmarks and the payroll tax that funds Medicare (referring to it, in fluent Washington lingo, as “FICA”).

I’m not surprised that Obama struggled with this.  Deep down he knows he is going to have to raise taxes..BIG!  So, he has to come up with a come back to this obvious feeling and question about being over taxed!  Perhaps, he really thinks we are under-taxed, which would explain his 17-minute dribbling attempt to make normal, freedom-loving Americans think they should pay more.  Otherwise, he would simply say, “Yep, your over-taxed and I will try to let you keep more of your hard-earned money!”  But…he doesn”t believe that.

Liberals are so funny…they are never honest about their intentions!

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