Posted by: Scott Lee | April 6, 2010

Thank Taxes?

What?  So two women (60% of women voted for Obama in VA) have nothing better to do then make a video about how grateful they are that we are taxed! Who does that?  Really,  who does their taxes and then sits around (eating Bon Bons) and says, “Look how great our tax dollars are being spent?”   Dare I say……Statists, Liberals, Big-government types…or those who don’t pay any taxes and get a handout from the government…perhaps?

First, so much to say, but the argument from the left is that the “radical right-wingers”, like Glenn Beck, protest ALL taxes.  We all agree that taxes are necessary, but the question has always been what taxes, what level, and what the tax dollars are being used to fund.  So, it’s a bit of a strawman argument to attack those protesting on April 15th against excessive taxes and claim they are anti-tax.  But it easier and gutless for the liberals to not think and just react (in liberal fashion!)

Secondly, these ladies are from Alexandria, VA (mainly government workers!)  Also, notice that most the things they like are not a Constitutional duty of the federal government! The premise of these two is simple: if the government doesn’t do it then it won’t get done!

Would we have bad food without the FDA? Would we have electricity without government and taxes?  Would your kids not learn without government-run indoctrination centers we call public schools? Could trash be picked up by a private company and paid for by others means than taxes?  Would we not have any road signs without taxes? No jogging trails…OH…the humanity!!

I think all of this is just bunk!  These women probably have no idea what they pay in taxes or even understand why people are upset over taxes…they actually think it is because we have to pay them at all!  Some of the best ideas for government revenue is found inside the conservative movement (cutting taxes raises for more revenue, fairtax, flat tax, etc.)

These women want to make April 15th a holiday! Puke!


  1. Really missed you guys at the tea party there Scott And richard . Hope to see you guys soon.

  2. Keith,

    Thanks! I was sick that we missed it! Stand Firm!

  3. “Boy’s ,We must hold our Colors On this Line , or lie here under them ! ” Col. Samuel Williams 19th Indiana inf.vols , gettysburg 1st july 1863

  4. Remember the welfare lady and the Bush 43 tax cut? When she learned she would receive no refund because she paid no taxes, she launched a crusade to run Bush from office.

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