Posted by: Scott Lee | October 4, 2010

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  1. Wondering why this forum didnt fullfill the agenda it was designed for.

    Grant 16437

  2. I think the Lee brothers were wise to shut down this forum before the Politifact articles in the Time disparch started running ,since those articles often seem to debunk comments made here

    Grant 16604

    • I have finally realized why the GOpis having such a struggle to find a candidate to run against Obama.

      It’s NOT they are looking for a Ronald reagan type to run in 2012 but in fact a Political version of Rush Limbaugh to run in 2012 .

      Reagan could not win now based on the standards Limbaugh has set and in fact if Limbaugh had exisited in 1980 as he does now Reagan would never even gotten the nomination.

      Secondly Herman cain has revealed what a fraud conservative Limbaugh is , actually running for the nomination instead of sitting back saying i can earn more money by not running( ie Palin & Limbaugh both)

      One must wonder what % oif the vote Limbaugh would get if he actually ran. Or even if he would do as well as Cain has.

      Guess being a conservative means you will fight for the good of your country til it affects your own wallet.(Which is a stance idont remeber the founding fathers having)

      Grant 17955

  3. WTG Terry

    i wish this blog had had a 2013 election page . Oh well

    Grant 19363

  4. Jan 11 2016

    Lee Brothers seem to have been canned from WRVA .Well no surprise if you look at how the station’s rating have declined to the point it is now neck and neck with WRVQ .

    Plus i hear their supporters want them to go to some am station in the 800’s , a station with No ratings so it it can only go up .

    Grant 19904

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