Filling in for The Lee Brothers…Governor Jim Gilmore!


Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore was in the presidential race from July 2015 until February 2016.
Since 2010, Mr. Gilmore has served as President and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation ( Free Congress Foundation (FCF) is a non-partisan think tank and advocacy organization dedicated to helping solve some of the biggest challenges to our nation. Under Gov. Gilmore’s leadership, FCF is urgently working to develop and advocate solutions to the government spending crisis that threatens our prospects for economic recovery, and also the economic opportunity that future generations of Americans deserve.

In addition to his role at FCF, Gov. Gilmore has served on eight corporate boards of directors. He was the 68th Governor of Virginia from 1998 to 2002 and also served as chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2001 to 2002. Prior to that, Gov. Gilmore was the chief prosecutor for Henrico County, and was elected Attorney General of Virginia in 1993.

Gov. Gilmore is a veteran of the U.S. Army. In 2003, Gov. Gilmore served as chairman of the Air Force Academy Board of Visitors. From 1999 to 2003, he served as chairman of the Congressional Panel, known as the “Gilmore Commission,” that assessed America’s capabilities to respond to a terrorist attack.

Gov. Gilmore graduated from the University of Virginia, and the UVA School of Law. He is married to Roxane Gatling Gilmore and they have two sons.

NEW definition of Benghazi


An attempt to cover a screw up so bad that it will cost you everything, then lie, get caught, & continue to lie to try & cover the lies.
Tim got so drunk he took his old man’s car, hit a tree, totaled it, then took off. When the cops showed up at the house to question his dad about the car, he called Tim to the living room. Tim tried to Benghazi his sister by blaming her even though a traffic camera recorded the whole incident & caught him exiting the wreck. Tim tried to convince the cops it wasn’t him, it was just someone who looked like him, continuing the Benghazi.

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