Posted by: Scott Lee | December 30, 2016

Does God Exist? Here are four arguments….



  1. What is not addressed is that you can retain the entire precept of scientific belief and combine it with your religious beliefs. Science does not disprove much of what religious faith offers, and at least nowadays, religious belief does not run counter to much of what science has to offer. If one is to believe in the precept of a divine being of unlimited insight, intellect, and power, science cannot counter this. Our science is far too limited to say “Here, look here, here is the proof your faith is wrong” – the precept of the divine being is beyond the scope of our limited scientific understanding. Give humanity another 200,000 years of scientific improvement, and then maybe, they can say, “Here, look here, HERE IS YOUR GOD.” But as we stand, science cannot disprove God and God can disprove science.

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