Posted by: Scott Lee | June 2, 2017

What is white privilege?



  1. It’s not “White Priveledge” … It’s “White Guilt”. A bunch of idiots who never owned slaves and never whipped a negro or “kept them down” feel some sort of misplaced guilt over something some other white dude did 300+ years ago. The Jewish people don’t bitch and moan over being held as slaves by the Egyptions hundreds of years ago. Why do the Blacks do it now? I know plenty of strong, smart, hard working Black and White people, and Race does not play a role in anything they do. They are as they are outside of their Race. Race is simply a genetic characteristic of birth. Their nature is their own. None of them have any special “privilege” due to the happenstance of their birth. SO STOP THE DUMB S#!T

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