Posted by: Scott Lee | August 4, 2017

TAXES! Bad……


  1. President Trump needs to push through a 1-page tax system.

    KISS (Keep It Simple for Stupid)

    Charge 5% federal tax for persons and 10% federal tax for businesses. No more cut outs, write offs, or special pork for anyone. No tax exemptions except social security.

    No more free money to foreign governments. No more funding for the arts so “artists” can pee on a statue of Mary in a mason jar. No more crap spending.

    When we have the lowest tax rate on the planet, just watch the businesses come to our country. Watch the money get parked here when we do not charge taxes on bringing it in. Watch our gov spending plummet when we stop throwing money at other countries.

    The Federal Goverment’s only purpose is to protect the American people and their property from other governments and their people.

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