Posted by: Scott Lee | August 11, 2017

Death Penalty is moral!



  1. I believe the death penalty is NOT APPLIED ENOUGH. The justice-challenged, testicularly-challenged pansies who say pedophiles, rapists, non-defensive murderers, and drug distributors should be “reformed” should themselves have to be subjected to the crimes these animals commit and then say….”it’s ok…lets hug it out. I forgive you for raping my children, slitting my wife’s throat, and setting me on fire. It’s ok. BTY, do you want to come to my Quanza party?” While I do not support a “Judge Dredd”-styled instant slaughter, beasts like that need to be put down. If not, then throw the purge-line wide open, give us a day for vengeance, and watch the last strips of morality and justice fall away from the bone of America’s corpse.

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