Posted by: Scott Lee | October 17, 2017

If only we all realized this….



  1. This is propaganda piece that hits nearly every hot button from the “single mom” to the “child in a war zone” to ” daddy hates me because I killed mommy”. No one actually cares what anyone else’s “story” is because they don’t care about anyone but themselves. Selfishness is good. Don’t get me wrong. If you don’t care for you, no one else will. This is supposed to tug at your heart strings, but to me, it looks like nothing more than pointless, poorly crafted manipulation. I think the simple point I am making is that other people simply are not worth knowing. They are pointlessly savage for the joy of watching another suffer. They feast on suffering like a dung beetle eating shite. Why would anyone want to “learn their story”? I don’t want to know your story and I won’t tell you my story. Because, as we all know, a “story” is just that, fiction.

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