George Washington’s Christmas poem

When he was very young, George Washington wrote out the following Christmas poem in his own handwriting, apparently copied out from the February 1743 issue of Gentleman’s Magazine(London). It reflects the orthodox understanding of the incarnation—God becoming man in the Person of Jesus—who is Immanuel, meaning “God with us.”


Assist me Muse divine to sing the morn,

On which the Savior of mankind was born;

But oh! what numbers to the theme can rise?

Unless kind angels aid me from the skies?

Methinks I see the tunefull Host descend,

Hark, by their hymns directed on the road,

The gladsome Shepherds find the nascent God!

And view the infant conscious of his birth,

Smiling bespeak salvation to the earth!

For when the important era first drew near

In which the great Messiah should appear

And to accomplish His redeeming love

Resign a while his glorious throne above.

Beneath our form every woe sustain

And by triumphant suffering fix His reign

Should for lost man in tortures yield his breath,

Dying to save us from eternal death!

Oh mystic Union! Salutary grace!

Incarnate God our nature should embrace!

That Deity should stoop to our disguise!

That man recovered should regain the skies!

Dejected Adam! From thy Grave ascend

And view the Serpent’s Deadly Malice end,

Adoring bless the Almighty’s boundless grace

That gave his son a ransom for thy race!

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Museum of the American Revolution

Museum of the American Revolution

I visited this new museum this week in Philadelphia.  It is well done and worth the time.

I liked how it ended with a serious of mirrors reflecting those who will continue the fight for freedom:


But not all things were good……..the 3/5th clause in the Hamilton display missed the point.

IMG_8189 (1)

The museum obviously thinks that the compromise was a failure instead of a step to actually abolishing slavery.  The clause helped end slavery:

RADIO….as the Founding Fathers intended

Today 3-6pm.  On 820am WNTW The Answer AND 92.7 FM
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