Posted by: Scott Lee | August 23, 2019

RADIO…as the Founding Fathers intended!

PROGRAM CHANGE! We are back LIVE on Friday’s.

Today 4-6pm. On 820am WNTW The Answer AND 92.7 FM
NOW LIVE on our Facebook fan page.
-Hanover county schools sued because names are offensive!
-People concerned about an all male school board in Roanoke!
-Newport News makes all school meals free! Good idea?
-Democrats running on two things: Racism and LGBTQ issues! See NYT Project 1619!
-Reporter shocked how hard to buy gun in Chesterfield County Wal-Mart!
-Local Delegate thinks the F-150 customer has to change! Yes, he is a liberal democrat!
-Popeye’s tries to beat Chick-fil-A. Left pulling for Popeye’s! We will do the taste test!
And more…..
Call us at 804-454-1366


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