Posted by: Scott Lee | January 17, 2020

RADIO…as the Founding Fathers Intended!

LIVE Today 4-6pm. On 820am WNTW The Answer AND 92.7 FM

Find us on FACEBOOK LIVE! And “Off the Record” at 6-6:30pm
  • Northern VA parents don’t want LGBT books in schools! Too bad officials say.
  • 3 Gun Bills pass Senate. Here they come!
  • Virginia is in a state of emergency…but for different reasons than Northam thinks!
  • No more indoor shooting ranges? That’s a real bill?
  • New gas tax, electric car tax, fee per mile tax, speed cameras..Nice! Virginia’s new government!
  • Could a VA county secede to W. VA?
  • Franklin County schools makes the case for school uniforms
  • Crazy Bernie clips…and can a woman be elected President?
And more…..
Call us at 804-454-1366

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