Posted by: Scott Lee | July 10, 2020

UPDATE: POSTPONED SHOW UNTIL NEXT WEEK! Radio and production station technical difficulty! Thanks for listening for these last 17 years and next week, right here! :)

UPDATED> POSTPONED SHOW! Today 4-6pm. Tune in on our Facebook fan page at The Lee Brothers and now streaming at!

  • Richard Lee update. Simple surgery today.
  • Northam’s entire Governorship is about Race! Nothing else!
  • State Senator Louise Lucas caught endorsing vandalized. She should resign!
  • Virginia’s “tattletale” website has had over 3700 submissions in two weeks!
  • Loundon County and Northam want Redskins name changed
  • Schools go back? And the awful “anti-racists’ propaganda coming! Time for school choice!
  • Fairfax county calls for defunding police while NAACP says Virginia should defund resource officers in schools?
  • Supreme Court ruling on trump’s taxes and Birth control!
  • Pelosi new “Diversity Rule”
  • Traffic Sign in MA said “The safety of all lives matter”, Mayor apologizes!

..and more.

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