Posted by: Scott Lee | August 28, 2020

Live: Radio…as the Founding Fathers Intended!

Today 4-6pm. Tune in on our Facebook fan page at The Lee Brothers and follow at!

  • Va Democrats new bills attacking police is shocking!
  • NBA says black people are scared in this country.
  • Harris says American never treated black “fully human”
  • Local transgender rights violated! Must be allowed in all restrooms!
  • Can your workplace be a platform for a political statement?  NBA says yes!
  • Northam launches new African-American history class.
  • BLM must be stopped…this is out of control!  CNN finally notices after 17 year old with AR-15.
  • Biden reads answers during interview and answers a question never asked!
  • “Roundabouts” good road policy?  Someone shot bald eagle in Highland? Scott and Richard argue.
..and more.
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