Posted by: Scott Lee | October 2, 2020

Live: Radio…as the Founding Fathers Intended!

Today 4-6pm. Tune in on our Facebook fan page at The Lee Brothers and follow at!

  • Debate recap. Is Trump a Racist?
  • UVA student has “F-ck UVA” on dorm door? President Ryan claims 1st Amendment???
  • AOC, RBG, ACB?? Just stop with abbreviations!
  • Warner thinks America is racist and slams SCOTUS vote
  • Soccer team forfeits playoff game because gay slur?
  • Charlottesville schools commit to teaching gender identity
  • Loudoun County schools apologize for being racist
  • 2nd Trump term risk climate change-33 days to save the planet!
  • Is Covid 19 a pandemic? Stats tell us differently.

…and more.

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