Posted by: Scott Lee | December 31, 2020

December 31st!

It was a hard and difficult year. We had great momentum in the start of the year but that quickly turned. We lost a lot of great men and we lost many tough battles. It appears freedom and liberty were lost…in 1776!

December 31, 1776, even after a victory at Trenton, Washington had to convince his tired and spent men to sign up for another 30 days! After a moving speech, Washington ended it by saying:

“My brave fellows, you have done all I asked you to do, and more than could be reasonably expected…but your service is still needed!”

200 strong men stepped forward and went on to victory at Princeton.

In 2020 Covid took lives, Governments took freedoms, people riot and burned property under a false premise and called it protesting (with help from media), elite politicians pushed mail-in ballots without state legislature approval, and the country is tired and spent.

We need strong men to step forward in 2021 because “your service is still needed!”

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