The Lee Brother sabbatical is over!

The Lee Brother’s have spent over 17 years on the radio in Richmond and we are grateful for the support and we are grateful for the challenges. We started on WLEE, landed on WRVA, and a final run on WNTW 820am/92.7fm. Currently, we are working on a possible new radio station in Richmond and will keep you posted. Until then…

FEBUARY 5th we will return to and FACEBOOK Live with a new podcast that will air on the late “Doc” Thompson’s station, This will include your phone calls, amazing guests, and (as the “unofficial” official arbiters of Virginia Politics) complete coverage of all things Virginia as the “Foundling Father’s of Virginia” intended!

Please watch here for updates. And see you on Feb 5th when we tell you what The Lee Brother’s learned during our “break!”

Thanks, Scott and Richard

In case you need a list of Biden’s first steps as President…

— Biden had a record-setting first day in office. In a matter of hours, he killed an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 jobs. He killed the Keystone XL Pipeline. He suspended all new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits on federal land. He halted construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

These weren’t just any jobs. These were high-paying middle-class jobs in construction and energy. And ironically, these were union jobs. This is a disaster for the U.S. economy.

— Biden offered up a radical amnesty plan for every illegal alien in the United States. Biden wants to give every one of them (a Yale University study says there are 22 million) a fast-track to citizenship in only eight years. This is a disaster for America in many ways.

First, this radical amnesty plan rewards lawbreakers. The rule of law and the U.S. Constitution no longer matter. We’re not America anymore; we’re in “Mad Max.”

Second, these 22 million will no doubt become new Democratic voters. Republicans will never win again.

Third, they will take jobs from and lower the wages of American citizens.

Fourth, these new citizens will bankrupt America as they all qualify for welfare, food stamps, free Obamacare and 100 other welfare programs.

Fifth, they will overcrowd and bankrupt our public schools and health care system.

Sixth, this will overwhelm the police, court and prison system.

Seventh, this will encourage millions of additional foreigners to invade our border. Soon none of us will recognize America. This will be a country foreign to Americans.

Lastly, Biden will have to dramatically raise taxes on American citizens and business owners to pay for this massive cost.

— Biden put a 100-day freeze on deportations of illegal aliens. How many American citizens will die because illegal alien felons were allowed to stay?

— Biden required noncitizens to be included in the census, thereby increasing funding for sanctuary cities and broke Democratic welfare states, while adding new Democratic members of Congress for cities and states filled with illegal aliens.

— Biden reversed the Trump ban on travelers from seven terrorist-friendly countries. Just what the American people desperately need — more visitors from Yemen, Somalia and Iran. I can’t wait.

— Biden rejoined the Paris climate accord and promised to add tons of new environmental regulations. This will destroy manufacturing and energy companies, kill millions of high-paying jobs and dramatically raise energy bills for the middle class.

— Biden forced women’s sports to allow transgender males to compete on women’s teams, use women’s bathrooms and dress in women’s locker rooms. This is a declaration of war on women — even if liberal mothers are too blinded by feminism, atheism, communism and dumb political correctness to see it.

Wayne Allyn Root


Northam plans to abolish the Death Penalty…exceptions apply to newborn babies!

Great article on Northam attempt to abolish the Death Penalty and what is to follow as a result:

Still, I strongly oppose abolishing the death penalty because once it is abolished, many of its critics will move on to attacking life sentences without parole, whose abolition would gravely harm public safety.

The death penalty is a critical buffer zone around life without parole, helping insulate it from challenge. As long as the death penalty was regularly carried out, death penalty opponents would point to life without parole as a better alternative. But after its frequency waned, some death penalty opponents in the U.S. began attacking life without parole as well.

The Death Penalty is a deterrent! But even if it is not, it is the proper punishment that upholds the sanctity of life! Isn’t it strange the a man who has no issues with letting a new born baby die in a botched abortion cares greatly about murders?

It’s not “always” wrong, depends on your politics.

Every single Republican, Conservative, or right-of-center person has condemned the violence in Washington DC on Jan 6th. They also condemned the riots of the summer of 2020. In fact, many of us screamed at the TV’s during both instances, “Where are the police! How can they get away with this!” Except the Left! The Left is outraged by Jan 6th yet endorsed the riots of the summer! Why is that?

28 Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists