Thanks to the late DOC Thompson…

Our new home is on radio. MOJO50 is the brainchild of Founder and Entrepreneur, the late Doc Thompson. Doc and The Lee Brother’s became very close during our time at WRVA and it is a honor and pleasure to now be a part of his radio station.

We will broadcasting LIVE on Facebook 4-6pm Friday’s. Call us at 804-464-3525.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to the late DOC Thompson…

  1. Have you guys thought about putting your show on as a podcast (post broadcast) with the other Mojo 50 shows? You’re one of almost 30 different shows, so it’s hard to catch everyone live all the time. I’ve been trying to make extra effort to catch every show if possible, so the podcast platform really helps me out with that.

  2. Yes, that is done automatically by MOJO50. We will be there and at for our podcast. And Facebook live and on our YouTube channel. 🙂

    Thanks for listening. See you live at 4pm!

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