LIVE: Radio…As the Founding Fathers Intended

Today 4-6pm. Tune in on our Facebook fan page at The Lee Brothers and follow at and!

  • Bluefield College’s President is our new hero..and courageous! We will tell you why!
  • The National Anthem is now controversial? ABC and CBS say so.
  • Richmond’s Mayor has new “Equity Agenda”
  • Chesterfield County schools back in March with new mask requirement! WOW!
  • Tried to avoid impeachment until Senator Warner spoke on it! Must hear!
  • Winchester, Virginia bans guns in city…Philip Van Cleave from VCDL
  • Should government set a wage…how high?
  • Don’t put glue in your hair…most already knew that.
  • And more…

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2 thoughts on “LIVE: Radio…As the Founding Fathers Intended

  1. Joe Acciarito

    So glad to see you guys on Mojo50. I found you guys the first time you subbed for Doc Thompson on WRVA.
    Yes, Warner is such a disappointment.

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