LIVE: Radio…as the Founding Father’s Intended!

Today 4-6pm. Tune in on Facebook Live at The Lee Brothers and YouTube Channel . Follow at Saturday’s at 11:00am and!

  • Richard Lee is back!
  • Should Scott Lee get a vaccination shot? Why?
  • Fauci gives us ZERO reason to get the shot!
  • 2 tigers in Norfolk test positive for Covid
  • Two nominees in Biden’s cabinet show contempt for America. Disgusting.
  • Senator Warner has a food bill? What is his issue with “fish and meat?”
  • “Pack the Court?” we will ask Ken Cuccinelli
  • “Gran Torino” movie makes Asian hate mainstream? Have they seen the movie?
  • How did all police shootings become a race issue?
  • And more…

Call us at 804-464-3553 (4-6pm Friday’s) and at

Protecting the 2nd Amendment…Support!

It is a revolutionary home medication management system:!

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