LIVE: Radio…as the Founding Father’s Intended!

Today- 4-6pm. Tune in on Facebook Live at The Lee Brothers and YouTube Channel . Listen at Saturday’s at 11:00am and follow us at!

  • Would a “Convention of States” be the answer to a run away federal government?
  • Congressman Spanberger has a challenger. We will talk with Tina Ramirez!
  • Biden recommends door-to-door vaccine check! And Rand Paul’s new bill to eliminate the mask farce on planes!
  • Police chase in Richmond and Minneapolis results in accidental traffic death. Now people say stop car chases???
  • PETA says protect the hogs on the way to being slaughtered. Too many trucks dip over!
  • Spelling Bee winner is black…in case you didn’t know or care! You are forced to notice!
  • Gay men’s choir says accepting isn’t enough…conversion is necessary for your kids! (Of course, if all converted there would be no future kids.)
  • BREAKING: Republican candidate for Governor Youngkin is pro-life! Secret video claims he is a liar. What?
  • Washington DC celebrates…hair styles? Held press conference and unveiled a mural highlighting…HAIR!
  • And more…

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