LIVE: Radio…as the Founding Father’s Intended!

Today- 3-5pm. Tune in on Facebook Live at The Lee Brothers and YouTube Channel . Listen at Saturday’s at 11:00am and follow us at!

  • AMAZING: Federal government working to restrict information to you!
  • Biden says someone is restricting voting! Worse than CIVIL WAR!
  • T-Mac says voting is harder than getting a gun! DOPE!
  • ESPN eats its own over MLB star not speaking English.
  • Racism fixed: statues in Charlottesville gone! Celebrate?
  • A few more stupid comment from Senator Warner…always fun!
  • USA asked the UN to help with racism! What is wrong with these people!
  • More Covid fanatics…Government should bypass parents!
  • Emojis abandon truth…pregnant man??
  • Virginia city puts “In God We Trust” decals on cars?
  • And more…

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