LIVE: Radio…as the Founding Father’s Intended!

Today – 3-5pm. Tune in on Facebook Live at The Lee Brothers and YouTube Channel . Listen at Saturday’s at 11:00am and follow us at!

  • America mourns our losses and a “woke” military!
  • Terry McAuliffe says we need to make life hard on the unvaccinated! Nice tyrant!
  • Youngkin errors on the side of liberty for you.
  • New school year brings less education and more indoctrination.
  • The Lee Brother’s have the answer to stopping mask mandates!
  • Supreme Court rules 6-3 in favor of constitution! Yet, the dissenting 3 tell an amazing story!
  • Ways to protect your traveling pet in the car.
  • Sheriff refuses to call prisoners “inmates.”
  • What is “towel” bigotry?
  • And more…

Call us on studio line at 804-464-3553 and at

Support VCDL.orgProtecting the 2nd Amendment! A unique, one-of-a-kind, smoking experience!

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