This Rogan interview will blow your mind…–FULL-#4

Here is what is stated in the interview. Major compelling yet we are not endorsing or confirming any of it:

  • No asymptomatic passing of virus
  • Can’t get Covid twice! If you get two positive tests, one is wrong.
  • Masks do very very little. 
  • We have good ways to fight Covid: hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin
  • Group think and “vaccine” urgency dominated everything
  • Early testing mislabeled the flu and called it Covid!
  • Delta and Omicron resistant to “vaccine”
  • Iodine rinse is a huge way to knock down viral load. Covid lives in nose and duplicates
  • It was discouraged and restricted to discuss EARLY TREATMENT OF COVID!  WHY?
  • Monoclonal antibodies work
  • 18000 deaths from vaccine, 250,000 permanent damaged

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