Did our government “purposely” make mistakes and errors about Covid?

A quick look back and we soon have an extensive list of things that were fed to us as “facts” and have since been proven wrong. For instance:

  • Masks. We’ve been told to wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear two masks, wear masks when walking through restaurants but not when sitting.
  • Deep-cleaning. Remember when we were pestered to ensure we washed all the stuff we bought at the store and stores closing early to “deep-clean” the facilities
  • Asymptomatic spread is rare. Now we’re told that the spread of the virus by people who are asymptomatic is common. Is it?
  • The vaccine will protect you. That statement has now been modified to mean that the vaccine will give you some limited protection from the virus.
  • Social distancing. Stores across the country had stripes on the floor six feet apart to identify how close we could be to other people.
  • Super-spreader events. We were warned about them

Bottom line: I am more inclined to believe the self-anointed elites are evil than stupid. A small number of mistakes and minor dishonesty is the price you pay for dealing with people. Massive, uncorrected mistakes, frequently contradicted within a few weeks by the same agency and without any semblance of apology and explanation coupled with the harnessing of government and social media to suppress information speaks of something much more sinister and premeditated.

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