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  • Virginia High Schoolers leave class to protest Supreme Court? Kids are learning so much.
  • The hysterical and most scary comments from pro-abort left.
  • Tom Garrett on his trip to Ukraine and the Exile Series.
  • No voter fraud in 2020 election? What are the 2000 Mules?
  • Five things you don’t know about UFO’s. Caroline Cory joins us.
  • Protestors breaking the law protesting at SCOTUS homes?
  • Biden cancels gas leases and wants remote kill switches on all cars. WTH?
  • Warner and Kaine to lower internet costs? Nothing Federal government can’t fix.
  • Most popular baby names.
  • Post Op-ed asking for name change of George Washington University.
  • Happy the elephant hires lawyer to be set free. Not so “happy?”
  • And more…

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