LIVE: Radio…as the Founding Father’s Intended!

TODAY, 3-5pm. Tune in on Facebook Live at The Lee Brothers, our website, or RUMBLE channel . Listen at Saturday’s at 11:00am.

  • FBI, IRS, and ATF all have you in their crosshairs. Big government is here to help?
  • “The government is us!” Obama
  • Virginia Congressman wants discrimination in college admissions.
  • Former Congressman Dave Brat on economics and his role with Youngkin team
  • VCDL President Van Cleave explains new guns laws.
  • Arrested because your social media post was offensive? This will amaze you!
  • Tim Kaine love the new tax hike bill.
  • Get “Don’t Tread on Me” License plate in VA and the FBI might visit you.
  • Can government tell you what temperature to set your AC? It is happening!
  • Snake found in grocery bag?
  • And more…

Call us or TEXT on studio line at 804-464-3553 and at

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