LIVE: Radio…as the Founding Father’s Intended!

TODAY, 3-5pm. Tune in on Facebook Live at The Lee Brothers, our website, or RUMBLE channel . Listen at Saturday’s at 11:00am.

  • George Washington (James Manship) explains Thanksgiving and voting machines.
  • Trump attacks Winsome Sears and Youngkin but wants to kill drug dealers.
  • Listener comments are always fun.
  • What should House republicans focus on? Hunter Biden??? REALLY!
  • The twits at Twitter.
  • Kaine calls UVA shooting “gun violence.” Was Idaho stabbing murders “knife violence?”
  • FBI Director Wray gets embarrassed in hearing. Why didn’t they stop Jan 6th when they knew about it?
  • Now we want government in the marriage business…gay marriage? Fickle people!
  • USA soccer team changes jersey patch from usual USA red stripes to rainbow colors???
  • Thanksgiving explodes in price and forces politics at the dinner table. 🙂
  • “A Christmas Story” house is for sale in Cleveland.
  • Tim Allen has a new ministry and new Santa Clause series…just in time for Christmas!
  • And more…

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