Freedom is on the March!

One year ago things looked very bad ( and I don’t mean for Republicans) for the country!  A very radical, Marxist, Socialist, American-Apologist captured Virginia and turned her blue (black and blue!)

Now, just like 240 years ago, freedom is on the march in the Commonwealth of VA!  It will start here…and spread…..and spread to 2010!  In many of the same ways that our country was founded in VA….perhaps…..great leaders with that same founders vision will begin the new wave of Conservative Founding principles that will wash over our great land!  Are McDonnell, Bollings, and Cuccinelli those leaders?

Celebrate for this one day….then back to the battle!

It begins……..

Home Stretch for the Commonwealth

Have you ever been duped by some slick advertising, an impressive marketing campaign which got you so excited about a service or a product, or even a huge sale, this weekend only! You just had to try it… Just to find out that it was all smoke and mirrors? We all have. Just look at the last Presidential campaign. The point I am trying to make is simply this. If you voted for the Obamination it is okay to say out loud, “I was DUPED… and I am sorry America”… Go ahead, scream it from the rooftops! It’s liberating and its the first step toward recovery. I kid you not… America was duped by slick advertising and marketing.

If I had a new product I wanted to introduce to America, I would want Obama’s marketing team to handle the ad campaign for sure… Obama’s Campaign was very well planned and executed and the marketing campaign worked very well, just like a Pepsi or Coke new product introduction, this new product introduction worked and America bought it. The question is would America buy it again now that we have tried it? The polls say NO… I think NOT… The White House was bought with a huge advertising budget, the largest in the history of America. The Obamination spent 7 times what the McCain Campaign had to spend. 7 dollars to every 1 dollar is unbelievable. And he won by only 4 points… When you look at the states McCain won, and the map which shows red/blue states, you have to ask yourself how did Obama win… Slick advertising and marketing targeting the specific areas needed to win. This coupled with the false promises and rhetoric you find in any false advertising campaign, and now we have millions of Americans who tried the new product and are dissatisfied with it realizing the ads were false. But there is no refund and no exchanges for this new product… We are stuck until time to replace it in 4 years and that’s what we have in Washington. An administration who can’t hear us. They can’t hear the voices of the no longer silent majority. They didn’t know about the tea party’s. They have no intention of backing down from their incredibly destructive agenda. We can all just stick it in our ears because they are going to do what they want to do regardless. And the only way we can fight them is by getting rid of them. One by one they all have to go and thats going to take some time. I just hope there is some part of America left when that day comes. I pray it’s not too late. THis problem is not just in Washington either. It’s throughout the Federal government, State and local too. We have elected Socialists and they will tax us into poverty if we let them. I actually heard a liberal idiot (for lack of a better term) say just the other day, “We have Ronald Reagan to thank for this economic mess we are in right now”. If you think this is true, you are a moron… No denying it. You should have an ID cards stating so. When you make statements like this to your friends, they are thinking, “Moron, card-carrying moron for sure”. There are people in Washington who think this way too. This is just one example of the ignorance of the left, there are thousands more. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Franks, Jim Webb, Mark Warner, liberals one and all and they all have to go in the next elections.

We have to take back America in every election going forward to protect our very way of life. Local, State and Federal elections must get rid of the insanity, the ignorance and the lifer politicians. America is the greatest nation on earth. We do more for the planet than any other nation and we have to take it back from the idiot socialists, at every level of government, hell-bent on destroying her. Virginia will begin at state level next week. We are on the home stretch in Virginia. Just a few more days for the Commonwealth and we will replace the tax and spend Democrats and not a moment too soon. I have to give Creigh Deeds credit though. At least he told the truth about raising taxes. I don’t really know if his admission was intentional, or foolishness or honesty (rare these days in any Democrat) or exactly why he told us. It could have been just a cocky response from a Democrat who thinks we WANT to pay more taxes. With the Obamination in Washington, I think the Dem’s are dumb enough to think they can say and do anything and will still win. I have news for them, open the windows and hear the voices… Your days are numbered. This election will be the shot heard around the world when they see for themselves, “We The People” DO NOT want their type of Socialistic government. We will send a message and they will hear this one as they lose a key state. And I pray every night, yes I said pray every night, this is the biggest landslide victory in Virginia’s history. I hope people are not foolish enough to not vote because they think this incredible group of men, Bob McDonnell, Bill Boling and Ken Cucinelli are sure to win. I will be driving people to the polls if they don’t have a ride on Tuesday. If you know someone who needs a ride, please help them get to the poles. Every single vote will make history on Tuesday as we begin to take back our country, one candidate at a time. I am proud Virginia will be one of the first states to send the message to Washington. If you know someone who needs a ride to the polls, contact us at and we will see what we can do to help. Remember every vote counts. Remember Jim Webb, George Allen? That was a dark day for Virginia.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! See you at the celebration Tuesday night as we begin to take back America!

The “radical” Bob McDonnell

The outrage, the uproar, the audacity of Bob McDonnell!    Supporting traditional marriage and the traditional family??  We know that it is so unacceptable today and, in fact, the biggest “crime” ……intolerance! 

Only problem…..most people agree with him!  I challenge you to read his thesis. context!  Including the quotes from Ronald Reagan (what a radical he was!)

Read it here.

Dirty Deeds…….done dirt (real) cheap!

Stephen: The Typical Democrat

The attack on Bob McDonnell!  We talked about it here!


Okay, Stephen. You lost your job and your answer is to go to unemployment office.  Fine…so you received unemployment…it was there for you..right?  Of course!  So you got the “little help” you what is the problem?    

Stephen, you poor, poor man!  You have been told your whole life that you can’t do it without governments help!  You have been told that it is the role of government to step in and dictate to the states!  You have put your faith and hope in government instead of yourself.  You have allowed the Democrats to use you for political gain when they don’t care about you or anyone like you!  You have been feed a lie!

What lie?  The lie that Bob McDonnell opposes unemployment for no reason or, worst, because he hates people.  That is your assumption, isn’t it ..Stephen!  Step away from your political dribble and look at the facts.  Bob McDonnell believes in Federalism…states rights!  We can not allow the federal government to dictate our laws and policies or we lose our freedom at the hands of a dictatorial, huge, federal, unaccountable government!  These coveted “unemployment funds” aren’t for the unemployed..Stephen…they were an attempt to grab power!  If it were really about  you, and the unemployed, why attached all the requirements to change our laws and rules?  You see, poor Stephen, there are good reason to say no….Liberalism is gutless and easy…it requires no thought…just feelings.   And feelings are all you are standing on because the facts crush you!  But go ahead, live in the fantasy world of feelings…..big heart….. no brain!

Welcome to politics!


Moran and Deeds Debate Gas Tax Increase

Actually, it should read “Moran and Deeds debate to see who is the biggest tax raiser!”

I love this, Democrats arguing about which one had the better “tax hike” idea!  Should I be surprised that they are appealing to their constituents?  I guess it would be a cold day in Hell if they were debating which one is the biggest tax cutter.  It won’t matter which one of these yahoos get the Dem nomination for Governor, McDonnell will kick their teeth out!