The Party of Death

At the Democrat Convention last night, under the disguise of Choice:


Nancy Keenan acknowledged religion among Democrats. But she said the right to abort a pregnancy is one of the party’s “core moral values.”

Killing babies is a “core value”?  Keenan said that we should promote contraception because that would limit abortions.  Why limit abortions?  Why not let abortion be a contraceptive if there is nothing wrong with it.  The baby is just a blob, right?  A mass, like a tumor. A problem, an inconvenience.  Why limit abortions if it a “core moral value!”  (Side note: How can a blob or tumor be accidentally born alive?? And then be thrown in a soiled closet to die??  Strange.)  We love to lie to ourselves, it makes us feel better!

Obamacide: When a baby is born alive during an abortion attempt, it is perfectly fine to throw it in the trash and let it die!  When you have the opportunity to protect that life you vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Bolling Aborts Planned Parenthood

It just makes you warm all over, doesn’t it!  Whether you like killing babies in the womb because they might be an inconvenience or protecting innocent life, you should agree that tax dollars shouldn’t go for either one of them.  Even though, I can make a strong case that tax dollars go to protecting life everyday, just saying!

We talked about it here with LG Bolling.


-Bolling casts deciding vote in prohibiting state funds for Planned Parenthood-

RICHMOND– Earlier today, the Senate of Virginia approved an amendment to the House budget bill that would prohibit the direction of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood.  The vote on the amendment, which was offered by Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-Fairfax), was 20-20 and Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling cast the deciding vote in support of the budget amendment.  In response to this action, Lieutenant Governor Bolling issued the following statement:

“I was pleased today to cast my first tie breaking vote of the 2008 legislative session in support of an amendment to prevent taxpayer funds from being directed to Planned Parenthood.  At a time when Governor Kaine has chosen to eliminate $250,000 in state funding for programs that teach abstinence education to young people across Virginia, we should not be using taxpayer dollars to fund an organization that uses those funds to provide abortions and abortion related services.”