A good question

A question that should be asked of all politicians, running or current.  It is the question that has the focus back on Congressman Pete Stark and I think should be the question for the November elections.

 “If they(federal govt) can do this(Obamacare), what can’t they”?

It should be asked at every town hall and debate!  What “can’t” the federal government do? A very revealing question as to the motives and principles of the politician! 

At this point, we must agree,we are not experiencing a limited, restricted federal government.  So let’s put the politicians on record: “Congressman/Senator (wannabe), does the Constitution restrict the power of the federal government?” 

If they voted for Obamacare, then we already know the answer!


Obama’s reaction to VA lawsuit on Health care

Obama made a motion to dismiss the VA lawsuit based on the following:

  1. Virginia has no right to bring this case now
  2. Congress has authority under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause to order Americans to buy health insurance
  3. and health insurance is lawful under the taxing power of Congress

What jumps out at you?  All three are ridiculous and easily debunked.  (The Commerce Clause has been bastardized!)  But, the third is amazing!

Is the Obama adminstration actually arguing that the health care mandate is a tax, therefore lawful under Congress’ power to tax?  It does appear to be so!  Does anyone remember this:

He “rejects’ that it’s a tax increase?   He tells George he is wrong?  Mocks George for reading the definition of a tax!  Obama is arguing against it being a tax…. and now, in court, argues that it IS a tax!

Holy Puke!

The Senate Health Bill

 Before the “reconciliation” process, we should remember one thing: the House of Representatives must first pass the 2,700-page, $2.5 trillion, Senate health bill.  Did you forget what’s in this awful bill?  Here are a few reminders:

Scary isn”t it! 


The Lee Brothers – Night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas,

 When all through the Senate and House,The evil creatures were stirring, Led by Nancy Pelosi in a low cut scary blouse..

Their stockings were hung, In the rotunda with care, In hopes that St Barry, Soon would be there…

The family minded conservatives, Were home tucking their children into bed, While visions of living in a free country again, Danced in their heads…

Pelosi in her kerchief, And Harry Reid in his cap, Had just sat down to write another bill, More Socialist crap…

 When out on the lawn There rose such a clatter, Pelosi and Reid jumped up from the table To see what was the matter…

Outside of the Capitol, They flew like a flash, Harry and Nancy slipped on the ice, And busted their ass…

The moon on the breast, Of a new fallen snow, Gave a luster of mid-day, To objects below…

And to their wondering eyes, What should appear, But St Barry himself, A red and white suit he did wear…

They cried out in horror, “St Barry, why you wearing that suit? How else can I walk into every house in America, And make off with their loot?

 More rapid than Eagles, His Comrades they came, And he whistled and shouted, And called them by name…

 Now Rhambo, Now Biden, Now Warner and Franks, On Webb and Snowe ! What a big band of skanks,

To the top of every porch, To the top of every wall, Now dash away, dash away, Capitalism shall fall!

And like leaves before, The wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, Mount to the sky…

 Out to the houses, The comrades they flew, With their laws and their rules, And St Barry too…

And as America was sleeping, I heard on my porch, The prying open of my front door, their footsteps on my floor…

 As I drew in my head And was turning around Up the staircase came St Barry, He Came with a bound…

He was dressed in red and white fur, With brass rings on his hat, He looked like a pimp, And he stepped on my cat…

A big black satchel Was hung over his back and as quick as he entered the room, he was loading up all of my crap…

I asked him what the hell, He replied with a frown, Now I told you during the campaign, Im spreading your stuff all over town…

His eyes how they twinkled, To be truthful, they were scary, His cheeks were like roses, And his nose like a cherry…

His drooling little mouth Was drawn up like a bow And the hair on his temples Was beginning to turn as white as snow…

The stump of MY pipe. He held tight in his teeth, And the smoke of my tobacco, Encircled his pimp hat like a wreath…

He was quite a bit skinnier, Than he looked on TV, And I laughed when I saw him, Until I realized who he actually be…

 A wink of his eye, And a twist of his head, Plus 100 Secret Service agents around him, I knew if I moved I’d be dead…

 He spoke no more words, And went straight to work, As he filled that black bag, Saw my picture of Bush and yelled, “JERK”…

And shoving his finger, Right up in his nose, I gotta tell you, Man, that was gross…

Out the door to the porch, To his comrades he gave a whistle, Out of my garage they came, With everything including my pistol…

They sprang to their limos, Off to my neighbors they flew, I knew they would rob him, Anyone who works will get screwed…

And I heard him exclaim As they drove out of sight, Bah humbug my Comrades, To your capitalism, good night…

I know….PUKE!

Democrats suck!

How is that for bi-partisan!  Well, neither was the health care bill that passed last night!  I have absolutely had it with being somewhat cordial, polite towards the Democrats!  They SUCK!  And they are simply stupid!

I don’t know how else to put it…I look at how they vote and I think…how?  How in the name of all that is good and holy do Democrats think that more government, more taxation, more regulation is better for our health care!  No other way to describe this other than that they are slow, stupid, and don’t understand real life!  I am done being nice, if you are a Democrat, then you are STUPID…and your destroying our country!  Yes, all the Congressman that voted for the ridiculous, European health care plan are also stupid!

Over 3,000 uses of the word “shall” in this bill.  Just like a Democrat..deciding our lives by government dictate!  It’s the worst bill ever and the Democrats are the worst ever.  Idiots!

How’s that for articulate!  Eat my shorts Democrats as you destroy our country! Democrats constantly get it wrong! 

PUKE…on them!  We talked about it here!

The Worst Bill Ever

No…really?  The Wall Street Journal has a great article stating the obvious…this health caree bill, set to be voted on Saturday, is the worst ever!

And they back it up with the following:

Pelosi might be Satan!  She might be….

The Constitution can’t stop her!


New taxes and fees

I am shocked….well…not really…in fact..we told you so here, and here, and here!  For the love of everything…YOU STUPID LIBERALS AND YOUR UTOPIA DESIRES!

The health-care bill that the Senate Finance Committee will vote on today will cost a total of $829 billion over 10 years, with $507 billion of that cost being covered by new federal taxes and fees, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

$507 BILLION!!  Is this how we lower costs in health care or as Warner said “the cost curve”?  Is this how we make health care affordable?  Is this how we expand competition?  WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP! 

These new taxes and fees include:
— $201 billion in new taxes on high-premium health care plans.  
— $83 billion in new taxes paid by workers who will receive less employer-sponsored coverage or lose that coverage altogether but will be compensated with higher wages or monetary benefits, which are taxable.
— $23 billion in penalty fees paid by employers who do not comply with the federal insurance mandate. 
— $4 billion in penalty fees paid by individuals who don’t have health insurance.
— $16 billion in new income and Medicare payroll tax revenue due to changes in Medicare.
— $180 billion in other tax revenues items calculated by the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT).
-A new tax on prescription drug makers that would account for $22.2 billion over 10 years

-a new tax on medical device manufacturers that would bring in $38.6 billion

-and a new annual tax on insurance companies would net the government $60.4 billion.

So much for Free-Markets and capitalism!  So much for Freedom and Liberty, the power to tax is the power to control!  Welcome to a whole new world of government regulation and TAXATION!  Who could be for this?  WHO! 

Oh, by the way, the CBO has never been correct on costing anything!  829 billion is nothing…experience tells us it will be three times that amount!

Holy Crap!  God help us!



Health-care Public Square features Cantor, Scott

Congress B. Scott                      Congress E. Cantor

Am I the only one that thinks these guys look like brothers? 

My bet is, and I hope I am wrong, that they will agree with each other during this entire event!

UPDATE: It turns out that Cantor did NOT turn it into a “hug” fest!  He fought for the free-market and stood against Congressman Scott’s crazy “single-payer” goals.  Thanks Cantor for the stance and taking the arrows!

This is INNOVATION in health care

I am on a hunt!  I want to see what the private sector is doing to make health care better!  So far..here is what I found…

Does your Doctor office have this?  They should!  This is what we need in the health industry…innovation, self-service, patient involvement in their own insurance! 

Check them out at www.clearwaveinc.com

Life works better without government! This is the free-market working!

As Captain Hook said to Peter Pan “Bad Form”

Too bad Senator Webb and Warner can find just a few hours during the August recess to meet with constituents about healthcare reform.  Senator Webb’s form letter is in bad form.

  1. “During the coming weeks, I will be carefully examining the reform proposals currently on the table.”  
    Good to see he will be reading the bill.  I doubt he read this form letter. Although he says congress will use the recess to “hear from interested citizens.” Really? I’m not holding my breath. 
  2. “I have stated on several occasions my concerns that the Obama administration should have begun the process with a clear proposal that could have been the starting point for the work of the five separate congressional committees charged with responsibility for this issue.”

Looks like the good Senator is critical of President Obama’s leadership.  He apparently thinks he is incompetent.  Maybe someone should tell the Senator how his FORM letter is being read? 

  1. Currently in the Senate, two committees have jurisdiction over health care – the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee and the Finance Committee.  The HELP Committee has completed work on a health reform bill, the Affordable Health Choices Act.  This bill aspires to significant reforms in the health insurance market, including provisions to prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.”

Tell us something we don’t know, Senator.  For instance, what are your position on a public plan that will crowd out private plans and cause thousands of Virginians to loose the plan that they like … and that the President promised we could keep.  Tell where you stand on health savings accounts that promote freedom and responsibility.  Current House bills would nearly outlaw coverage because they are not within 70 percent of the reference benefit package.  That affects more than 105,600 Virginians. Do you care?   We can guess were you stand on Advance Care Consultation and abortion payment (with premiums). How would you protect Virginian’s from the rationing of health care embodied in the House bills?  In general, you to have abdicated leadership by not setting forth policy positions that which you reasonably should have developed by now. 

  1. In the Finance Committee, negotiations continue on a reform package that might win support from both Democratic and Republican members of the Senate.  The success of these ongoing negotiations will be critical in determining whether a bill can be achieved this year.”

We aren’t stupid. Don’t hide behind Congressional processes.  Don’t substitute the Senate Finance Considerations for your own positions. It makes you look like you’re trying to be the “white knight in the castle.”  Is that you approach to leadership on healthcare policy?  

  1. “By the same token, families are increasingly unable to depend on their health plans when they need them the most.  This has contributed to the mortgage foreclosure crisis and the rise in personal bankruptcies.” 

You’re joking, right?  Yes. We know that health insurance premiums have risen more than 80 percent during the last eight years (coincidently that corresponds with the Warner Kaine administrations).  Are you seriously claiming that increased insurance premiums contributed to the mortgage crisis?  That’s a stretch.  One what empircal facts to you reach that conclusion?  No, it isn’t personal bankruptcies.  Single-payer proponents, too, use this argument. We know that it is commonplace for politicians to claim that almost 60 percent of personal bankruptcies in middle class families are caused by increased costs of medical care.  But Himmelstein’s et al study (February 2005), to which you are might be referring, has been closely debunked by professessors David Dranove and Michael Millenson at Northwestern University. They found the data analysis highly suspect. 

“A reexamination of their data suggests that medical bills are a contributing factor in just 17 percent of personal bankruptcies and that those affected tend to have incomes closer to poverty level than to middle class.”   

Other studies show even less reason to believe that medical costs play a major role in personal bankruptcies any more than high mortgages or payments on expensive (though environmentally-friendly) cars, which can also make it difficult to pay medical bills.   

Thank you for time to send a Form letter to your constituents. We might have been better educated by you had you held town meetings to discuss the health care policy.  I must say you No-Show this summer lends little credence to your  assertion that “It is important for us to be very deliberate on an issue of such importance to the lives of our people.“  Bad Form, Caption Hook. 

-The above is courtesy of a guest blogger-

For a complete view of Webb’s form letter and other comments go here.


HR 3200 exposed

I constantly hear…”Oh … You Lee Brothers would hate anything Obama promotes!”  Well….yes…..but not just because its Obama its because he is a Marxist/Socialists/Statist and everything he promotes will be about making government bigger! His health care plan is no different!

Here HR 3200 is exposed:

This guy is obviously a racists!

Well done!

Then there is this commercial that ABC and NBC won’t play:

Don’t think for a second…..

that Obama’s version on health care will expand choice!  Pure garbage!

House bill H.R. 3200: One key proposal is to mandate an “essential benefit package” for every private insurance policy sold in the United States. Currently, individuals and employers usually make these coverage decisions. This legislation creates a new federal Health Benefits Advisory Committee that would decide instead. For example, if you are a single male with no children, the legislation still requires you to have maternity benefits and well-baby and well-child care coverage. You don’t want or don’t need that coverage? Sorry, you have to pay for it anyway.

Other planned agencies would give the federal government unprecedented and unaccountable control over your healthcare. The so-called Health Choices Administration and the National Health Insurance Exchange would set various standards for all health insurance policies.

No worries…these big, nasty new government programs will expand freedom and choice….utopia is just a few votes away! 

Puke.   We talked about it here!