Government planning

But starting this summer, federal law to promote energy efficiency will end the manufacture of the T12’s magnetic ballast — a sort of electrical control device for fluorescent lights — and in 2012 end production of the T12 bulb.

Federal Law?  Don’t you love centralized planning?  Did the market demand this?  No!  Liberals did! 

“Ultimately, you’re not going to be able to get them,” said Steve Levet, co-owner of Atlantic Electrical Supply in Richmond. “It’s going to affect every business out there.”

It going to effect every customer.  Costs will rise!  Jobs may be lost!  But we are saving the planet!

Feel Better!  This is what we get when feel-good, bleeding-heart Liberals run our country!


Environmental “agents” to protect rain forests

This sounds a little creepy!  Real NatureNazi’s?…with power and guns?

The thick Amazon rain-forest canopy suddenly opens to a clearing where massive Jatobas and other hardwood trees have been reduced to 40 waist-high trunks lying on the ground. Fires set to help clear the underbrush still smolder nearby, sending sinewy gray smoke columns into the sea-blue sky.

Sounds like someone needs a new baseball bat, a home, or a new table!  It doesn’t frighten me!  But this does…..

“These trees have been cut, you cannot reverse that,” Pontes says. “What must be done at this point is swift punishment to stop more from being knocked down.”

Trees are renewable!!!  Just plant more!   Okay, who would say and do these things? Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, or Ibama!  Not Obama, but Ibama (even though I don’t think there is a difference!)  Just a guess, but my bet is they are similar to the EPA!

Here is the icing on the cake and the more complete answer to why Brazil is doing this: A new global climate agreement is expected to reward countries for “avoided deforestation,” with cash or credits tradable on the global carbon market!  In short: MONEY!  But not just any money, your money, American’s money…from the rich to the poor (just like Obama!)

Take a few minutes and listen to us talk about it here!  You will like it!




Please Obama…save our planet and lives!

UPDATE: We talked about it here!

This is absolutely unbelievable!  What garbage!

Even if this dribble were true…would you tell your kids?  What 4-year-old needs to worry about this!  Brought to you by the World Wild Life Fund!

I am so sick and tired of watching these cool wild life shows with my kids and at the same time being told this crap!  Is there any hope for common sense?


Stupidity of Dominion Power’s “green” program

Okay, this is simply the best example of the radical “green” movements stupidity!

Here’s the program: Purchasing green energy credits — a voluntary option for subscribers — adds $15 to the monthly bill of a typical residential customer participating fully in the program, the company said. Dominion subscribers can participate for as little as $2 a month.  We talked about it here months ago.

Who would actually pay more?  About 3,500 Dominion customers now buy credits  Idiots! By the way, Dominion serves 2.3 million…so..not that many idiots!  Yet!….. Sierra Club has 16,000 members in the state!  So…THEY ARE HYPOCRITS!  Not putting their money were their mouth is!  They care so much about the planet but refuse to fund Dominions attempt to offer a “green tag”! 

So, what are these “green tags” or “Renewable energy certificates” (RECs) going towards?   A customer buying the certificates — “RECs” — is not purchasing green energy itself, which can be sold separately, but rather the “environmental attributes” of the clean power, the state DEQ said.  In other words, NOTHING!  Simply a con like the rest of the entire “green” movement!

We covered it nicely here!

Puking Green!

UPDATE:  Scientists say man doesn’t cause global warming!

Another Democrat Blames America

This time it is Hillary!   

So what did America do that was so awful…..

MUMBAI, India — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton opened a three-day visit to India on Saturday by urging India not to repeat American mistakes in contributing to global pollution, and she passionately defended U.S. demands for help in fighting terrorism.

“We acknowledge now with President Obama that we have made mistakes in the United States, and we along with other developed countries have contributed most significantly to the problem that we face with climate change,” she said. “We are hoping a great country like India will not make the same mistakes.”

She was referring to Obama’s statement in Italy earlier this month that the U.S. had “sometimes fallen short” of its responsibilities in controlling its carbon emissions.

Yep, don’t you feel a little guilty?  You American!  You have contributed to climate change!  You have raised the quality of life on the entire earth but at the sake of the planet!  You and the American system have produced more food, energy, DDT, transportation, growth, millionaires, heating and air conditioning then any other nation!  Just think how healthy our planet would be without the USA!  You nasty, dirty American!


This is such a con!  (A simple con is one thing, but this is getting expensive!)The cleanest nation on the planet is the USA! Because we are the wealthiest!  Perhaps we should stop feeling guilty and start bragging!  We should export freedom inside a capitalistic free-market system!  And watch your precious little planet heal!

As if I cared about the planet, it can take care of itself!


Listen:  Why dont we focus on abundant, cheap energy?

Listen: EPA will control temperature in your home! and what color green are you?

Air Travelers may pay their way in carbon fees

The insanity continues to grow…what warped “nature-Nazi” would, voluntarily, walk up to a kiosk and put in their credit card?  What a con! Here’s the story:

Environmentally conscious travelers flying out of San Francisco International Airport will soon be able to assuage their guilt and minimize the impact of their air travel by buying certified carbon offsets at airport kiosks. – to offer fliers the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets.

Here the idea:

…a traveler would approach a kiosk resembling the self-service check-in stations used by airlines, then punch in his or her destination. The computer would calculate the carbon footprint and the cost of an investment to offset the damage. The traveler could then swipe a credit card to help save the planet. Travelers would receive a printed receipt listing the projects benefiting from their environmental largesse.

Who benefits?  San Fran’s Carbon Fund!   Disgusted yet?  But it’s voluntary, so who cares!    WRONG!    They will quickly realize that there are not enough stupid, cock-eyed, nature freaks to raise enough money, therefore, you can count on this being a new mandate under the new Obama administration!

We had a blast talking about this on our show: click here to listen!


Kaine on energy

Kaine said yesterday that the South generates more energy than any other region in the country — and produces more pollution.     Evil south!  We should pan back our quality of life!

Southern states provide 57 percent of the nation’s fossil fuels, 56 percent of its natural gas and one-third of its coal. They also refine 53 percent of the petroleum consumed in the country.  That sounds like Obama when he said that we have 3% of the world population but use 25% of the energy!  USA is the bad one and now Kaine says the south is the worst part of the evil America!  This fact is irrelevant, absolutely irrelevant.  Who cares how much energy we use. WE PAY FOR IT! And we have a great quality of life!

“We produce the nation’s energy overwhelmingly,” Kaine said.  Wipe the tears from my eyes!

But as of 2004, Southern states also generated 2,747 million metric tons of greenhouse gas — trailing only the European Union (3,115), China (5,010) and the United States (6,049).  See!  We are the fourth worst!  My goal is to be number #1. Come on, join me… SUV’s and leave the lights on!

Kaine said the South is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, citing the coastal areas of Louisiana and Hampton Roads, home to 1.6 million people, which could be endangered by a rise in sea level resulting from climate change.  Kaine has really swallowed the hook, line and sinker on the global warming con!   He should call for a full evacuation of Tidewater!   If this were the ’80’s he would would be singing global cooling with Ted Danson!

Lets face it…Democrats do not have an energy plan unless it involves you changing your lifestyle….and I mean for the worst!  These people won’t be happy until we are back in the stone age or, at least, until we are no longer the “world’s top polluters!”  Here is some more evidence that Kaine has it wrong:

Kaine said the challenge in Virginia is to maintain what he called its relatively low cost of energy to consumers while encouraging greater conservation and efficiency.    Why is this a challenge?  Because his priorities are warped!  He wants less use and less energy!  Just produce more nuclear power, more oil, more clean coal!  The challenge should be to find more energy, not reduce it!!  But I am just a radical “planet hater!”

By the way, you don’t want to pay more for “clean” energy, do you?

Besides, cleaner energy can be dangerous: click here.

George Bush handled this liberal energy question very well: click here.

SW Virginia schools teaching about climate change

UPDATE:Here is the clip from our show: Click here.

Developed by a group of educators, the program is aimed at teaching children about the connection between their actions and the wider world — so they can help save the planet. Save the planet?

Look to these “educators”!  The brightest among us!  The teachers of our children!

“More and more information is coming towards these kids every day,” said Deni Peterson, who runs the Learning Landscapes program that has brought educational gardens to county schools. “These are depressing issues; these are hard issues for these kids, so I just try to plant some hope in there.” Depressing?  You are scaring them for no reason!

Tammy Smith, a first-grade teacher at High Point Elementary School, said she wants to instill the concept that “thrown away” is not really “away” — items that are tossed instead of recycled or reused ultimately occupy space in a landfill, where some of them take millennia to decompose. Keep on scaring elementary kids!

“I’ve lived here all my life, and I remember playing in the snow,” said Angela Surber, a seventh-grade teacher at Glade Spring Middle School. “The kids today don’t even know what snow is.” Are you sure we have global warming because of your students?  All your life, but your only 24?? Maybe the earth just goes through changes.  Mrs. Surber, what is the “ideal” earth temperature for SW VA?

“There’s lifestyle choices that you need to make, such as conserving lights, because it’s going to be cheaper,” said Laurel Flaccavento, who recently retired after 30 years of teaching in Washington County schools. The earlier we can indoctrinate the easier it gets and the more likely they will vote Democrat later in life. 

Rees Shearer, a retired elementary school counselor, said energy conservation could eliminate the need for new power plants, and the money spent on them instead could be used to generate electricity in a different way: by reducing demand.  This reminds of  the Obama’s energy plan, inflate your tires! But now we can conserve our way to a brighter future (or dimmer)!  Did Obama go to public schools? (This reminds of Bush slaping down that liberal news guy!)

“We’re trying to stay out of politics and then take advantage of the good lessons of being environmental stewards,” said Assistant Superintendent Tom Graves.  Wrong Tom!  It is all about politics

Listen to Eco-insanity!

Maybe Tim Kaine Pre-K program would help, don’t laugh!  God help our children in these government run indocrination centers we call schools!!  McCain has this one right!

Warner/Liberman “near-crippling” cap and trade regulations

Words are amazing things!  The debate can be won or lost on just the title or how it is phrased!  Liberals are masters at this.  Appealing to the big, stupid, bleeding hearts of the world, they come up with things like: “health care for everyone”, raise minimum wage, ACLU, NEA, VEA, “Kids First”, more money for schools, “invest” in America or Virginia roads, “climate change”, America sucks, America racists, America is evil, Bush is evil, America is racists….okay…I got carried away.  What about Cap and Trade?  First, to the normal, hard working American the name means nothing.  In reality, like most liberal big government bills, this title hides the real story.  I guess calling the bill “Cap your freedom and income” or “Trading your freedom and money for regulation” or “Destroy capitalism for global warming” or “Capped income and Trade your lifestyle” won’t work!

This is one example of the massive regulation coming with this stupid bill: here.

And a great article here.  And more information go to

Speaking of perfect liberal phrases, Kaine has the best way to describe Illegal aliens.  This one is right up there with “health care for everyone”!

Carbon Tax

SAN FRANCISCO — Air pollution regulators in the San Francisco Bay area voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to approve new rules that impose fees on businesses for emitting greenhouse gasses.

Do you remember Catholic church selling indulgences?  Just saying!

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s board of directors voted 15-1 to charge companies 4.4 cents per ton of carbon dioxide they emit, an agency spokeswoman said.

15-1?  Wow, there is no more hope for the left coast.  Get out while you can!

Experts say the fees, which cover nine counties in the Bay Area, are the first of their kind in the country.

Goody!  First of their kind…does this mean we can expect more of this?

“It doesn’t solve global warming, but it gets us thinking in the right terms,” said Daniel Kammen, a renewable energy expert at the University of California, Berkeley. “It’s not enough of a cost to change behavior, but it tells us where things are headed. You have to think not just in financial terms, but in carbon terms.”

Berkeley..that says it all, doesn’t it!  You can’t solve a problem that doesn’t exist but you can implement communism/socialism with this scam.  He is right about one thing… tells us where we are headed!  Scared? You should be!

More than 2,500 businesses will be required to pay the proposed fees. About seven power plants and oil refineries would have to pay more than $50,000 a year, but the majority of businesses would pay less than $1, according to district estimates.

No!  Who cares about that! It is just a $1!  These evil companies should pay more taxes anyway and it won’t have any effect on me or the people buying their products (I just threw up in my mouth a little, that was hard to say!)