Commonsense English Language Act

I know, I know…you can not have the word “commonsense” in the same sentence with anything from Washington.  But wait, maybe we need this one.

Congressman Forbes has co-sponsored a great bill that would protect employers who require their employees to speak English at work from lawsuits.   You can read it here. 

I am planning to have Congressman Forbes on our show to discuss it and other commonsense acts, but until then here are my random thoughts:

  1. English Language Act?  Obviously, Forbes is a racists and doesn’t like “New Americans”
  2. It is hard to believe that we actually need a bill like this in America!
  3. How about an English as an official langauge act?  Too commonsense! (Forbes supported it, also)
  4. Employers should be able to fire anyone for any reason, period!
  5. Lawsuits?  Once again, tort reform and lawyer reform (meaning we need less of them)!

Congressman Forbes must have heard our show: Mar_22nd_Speak_English_when_Ordering_you_Racists.mp3

McCain and Obama

McCain and Obama both endorsed by the largest Spanish paper in the country!  Does this say anything about McCain? ANYTHING????

Republican Party: John McCain

Senator John McCain has an independent character free from ideological constraints, which will improve the divisive national political climate. Over the course of his career he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the immigration issue and a desire to provide comprehensive immigration reform. We are not in agreement with many of his positions, such as on Irak, but his inclusive spirit and his pragmatism make him the best candidate among his Republican rivals.

“Free from ideological constraints” appeals to so many, doesn’t it?  Sounds really good but it really means McCain has “no idea what he believes and/or no core principles”.  So much for Reagan Conservativism!  Comprehensive immigration reform = amnesty!  Inclusive spirit = puke!

Excuse me while I throw up!!