Politicians use emotions to make decision

You want example?  Tim Kaine!   Or more specifically when Pre-Kaine said “Guns and alcohol don’t mix!” 

Who would disagree with that statement?  How could you? It seems like a reasonable position. Liberals are masters at this, using words that turn any debate into strict emotion so that facts and logic can’t make enough noise to be considered.  “Guns and alcohol don’t mix” is the perfect liner to use for leftists against people carrying firearms into restaurants.  They win the debate with a simple little line that captures the emotions of the issue.  It is the perfect, quick and easy, sound bite!

Second Amendment politicians, or Constitutional Statesmen, are forced to go through a lengthy discussion on the right to protect self, statistics, and common sense.  And who, in Obama’s world(and Kaine’s DNC), want to listen to those things???

BUT, some try anyway!  The Washington Times Editorial did very well with their effort to show the hypocrisy of Kaine!

Portion of the article below:

Unfortunately, this past week, Mr. “strong Second Amendment supporter” Kaine vetoed all five pro-self-defense bills sent to his desk. His intransigence endangers public safety. Hopefully, the General Assembly’s veto-override session, which starts today, can correct those mistakes.

All five vetoed bills passed with overwhelming bipartisan support – indeed, all but one bill got at least two-thirds support in both the Senate and the House. The governor knows he can be easily overriden. Showing how out-of-touch he is on this issue, Mr. Kaine vetoed some bills that even passed unanimously. So overrides seem likely unless Mr. Kaine can flip enough Democrats to sustain his vetoes.

Take Mr. Kaine’s veto of the bill that would let retired law enforcement officers carry their guns in restaurants that serve alcohol. These are retired officers who have served in law enforcement for at least 10 years. They already have been qualified under federal law to carry a concealed firearm, and they would not be allowed to drink alcohol when they are armed. The Democrat-controlled Senate passed the bill unanimously and 85 percent of the Republican-controlled House voted for it.

Yet Mr. Kaine keeps repeating the mindless, inapplicable slogan “Guns and alcohol don’t mix.” More than 30 right-to-carry states around the nation allow law-abiding citizens – not just retired police with 10 years’ experience – to carry permitted concealed handguns in restaurants that serve alcohol. There is no evidence of any problems. Yet when asked, Mr. Kaine’s press office told The Times that “it is irrelevant what is the evidence in any other state. This is Virginia, and that is all the governor cares about.” Despite repeated requests for evidence, none was given. When The Times offered to give the governor’s office more time to find evidence for the Mr. Kaine’s position, the press office said there was “no reason to check” if there was evidence.

This strikes us as a remarkably anti-rational perspective. When people’s safety is on the line, facts should matter. Retired officers are volunteering to protect Virginians for free, essentially serving as undercover officers. But that is not good enough for Mr. Kaine. The governor trusts active-duty officers, but somehow, as soon as they retire – even after years of service – they are no longer trustworthy.

We have a news flash for the governor: Crimes occur in restaurants. Uniformed police are extremely important, but they almost always get to the scene after the crime has been committed. Indeed, as research shows, these gun-free zones actually attract criminal attacks because criminals know they have less to fear from potential victims.

Another problem with banning retired police from carrying their permitted guns in restaurants is that this can prevent them from carrying their guns elsewhere – eviscerating the concealed-handgun law.

Mr. Kaine’s veto of the bill to let law-abiding citizens with concealed-handgun permits in restaurants is just as mistaken. There are obvious benefits from letting people protect themselves and others, and with all the experience from other states, there is no evidence that there are any risks.  MORE……

Kaine thinks his job is to spend

In a quote at the VA Employment Commisssion Workforce One Stop Center last week, Governor Kaine said:

“Let’s be realistic, you don’t run for Governor to make budget cuts.”

Then the very next week, he said this:

“Obviously this isn’t the best year for new huge investments.” “We will find new money for a couple of key initiatives this year!”

No matter what?  Kaine is going to spend money! NO MATTER WHAT..he can’t be stopped!

Truth slips out every now and then.  I would like to see a politicians run on cutting the budget, instead of offering promises of more spending for pet projects (Pre-K!)

There is one hope for that kind of politician in VA – Click here to find out who!

Governor, lets be realistic,you pander to the people through socialists ideas and you and your buddy, Obama, are a threat to a free people..you ran for Governor to spend money!

Kaine-Just another Liberal

The Democrats are the party of new ideas!

Kaine’s new idea..ready……… is to raise taxes! 

What?  That’s not new?  Well, it doesn’t matter, it is the only answer for Liberals in every situation: health care problem-raise taxes, global warming scam-raise taxes, economy slow-raise taxes, debt-raise taxes!  Sounds so innovative, doesn’t it!

VA has at least a 3 billion debt problem caused by OVERSPENDING, not because we are under-taxed.  But Kaine, showing why he is just another Liberal, plans on blaming the taxpayer and raising taxes on cigarettes. Of course, Liberals love to use tax policy for social engineering!

In your household, can you go ask your employer for more money when things get tight? Kaine and Government can!

When things get tight, can you spend money on new items (furniture, TVs, cars) with impunity? Kaine and Government can (Pre-K)!

And why cigarettes?  Because he can convince enough dopes that 1) cigarettes are evil. 2) Cigarettes cause more health problems. 3) People who smoke should pay there fair share. 4) Doubling the tax is still lower than other states. 5) Obama was a good choice!

ALL ARE WRONG!  (especially Obama as a good choice!)  What if Kaine (or the big, bad government) decided that hamburgers (or pick your vice; like evil SUV’s or regular light bulbs) where bad for the environment, killed cows, or aren’t healthy, therefore should be taxed?  Would that be acceptable!  Of  course not!  But the dopes of the world line all line up behind Kaine in support of that very principle! 

I told you Kaine would raise taxes!  It must stop!  Stand up and fight against all new ways to tax us! I don’t know what is worse: Democrats stupid ideas or the people that support them! 

But, at least, we are still one of the lowest taxed states on cigarettes. Dare I say: PUKE!

VA facing $3 billion shortfall

What?  How so?  I thought we solved this with taxe increases in 2003?  Maybe, just maybe, raising spending from 72 billion to 77 billion wasn’t such a good idea!

We were warned about this by Lt Gov Bolling on March 15th.  Delegate Kirk Cox lays out the facts on the budget on March 7th.

Cox and Bolling knew it was coming!  No one would listen and Kaine just wanted to spend more money and project huge economic gains!  Democrats are always looking for someone to blame….look in the mirror!

I love this….”It’s certainly not going to be fun making these cuts,” Griffith said in a phone interview. “We need to be very cautious, which means we need to be looking to the worst-case scenario.”  Of course, cuts are not fun..it is much easier to SPEND MONEY.. isn’t it!!!  Making real decisions aren’t fun..this is why I have always said it is gutless to increase spending and taxes and courageous to cut spending and taxes!


Do you feel the pain?

“I know this is not the kind of news that you were hoping to receive this fall about the budget,” Turnage wrote. “As we start this next round of cuts, it is clear that the choices will be even more difficult.”

News I was hoping for???  I hate to break it to you, Turnage, I don’t lay awake at night “hoping” government won’t have to cut!  Difficult choices?  Not for me-let me see the budget!

I am sick of this attempt by the media and Kaine to try to make me “feel the pain” from these cuts.  I don’t need government in my life so much that I am concerned over some stupid little cuts in a 77 billion dollar budget.  I have been cutting in my home for years and I haven’t seen a single story in the T-D about how the Lee family can handle another round of 5% cuts in their budget!!

Oh, I am sorry, government can not live with less, only your family and mine!  I am just surprised that the article doesn’t blatantly blame you for not paying enough taxes!

This reminds me of Richmond’s argument over taxes!

Grumpy Old Party (GOP)

Times Dispatch editorial took Delegate Kirk Cox to task for discussing what Tim Kaine would do about the budget shortfall by saying he, “will probably propose what is in the best interest of his vice-presidential ambitions.”  I laughed,  the TD editorial didn’t!  They assumed something completely different than I did, imagine that!

Most really good humor is based in some sort of truth.  Tim Kaine has been running for VP and for Delegate Cox to say the above is just funny, isn’t it?  Or not, according to the “editors”!  They said it is an indication that Cox is “assert(ing) that his party never would do such things.”  Really? That is a big assumption out of a comment that was meant to be funny and, quite possibly, accurate!

So a simple, funny comment is now evidence that the Republicans are far from humble and should be perceived as the Grumpy Old Party?   Maybe the GOP is grumpy and old but it certainly isn’t found in Cox’s comments.  I actually find it refreshing and bold!  I LIKE IT!  Maybe the TD Editors are a bit grumpy and, dare I say, a bit sensitive.  I guess I will now be labeled grumpy and old, but, at least, I am still humble and sensitive!

Kaine on energy

Kaine said yesterday that the South generates more energy than any other region in the country — and produces more pollution.     Evil south!  We should pan back our quality of life!

Southern states provide 57 percent of the nation’s fossil fuels, 56 percent of its natural gas and one-third of its coal. They also refine 53 percent of the petroleum consumed in the country.  That sounds like Obama when he said that we have 3% of the world population but use 25% of the energy!  USA is the bad one and now Kaine says the south is the worst part of the evil America!  This fact is irrelevant, absolutely irrelevant.  Who cares how much energy we use. WE PAY FOR IT! And we have a great quality of life!

“We produce the nation’s energy overwhelmingly,” Kaine said.  Wipe the tears from my eyes!

But as of 2004, Southern states also generated 2,747 million metric tons of greenhouse gas — trailing only the European Union (3,115), China (5,010) and the United States (6,049).  See!  We are the fourth worst!  My goal is to be number #1. Come on, join me…..buy SUV’s and leave the lights on!

Kaine said the South is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, citing the coastal areas of Louisiana and Hampton Roads, home to 1.6 million people, which could be endangered by a rise in sea level resulting from climate change.  Kaine has really swallowed the hook, line and sinker on the global warming con!   He should call for a full evacuation of Tidewater!   If this were the ’80’s he would would be singing global cooling with Ted Danson!

Lets face it…Democrats do not have an energy plan unless it involves you changing your lifestyle….and I mean for the worst!  These people won’t be happy until we are back in the stone age or, at least, until we are no longer the “world’s top polluters!”  Here is some more evidence that Kaine has it wrong:

Kaine said the challenge in Virginia is to maintain what he called its relatively low cost of energy to consumers while encouraging greater conservation and efficiency.    Why is this a challenge?  Because his priorities are warped!  He wants less use and less energy!  Just produce more nuclear power, more oil, more clean coal!  The challenge should be to find more energy, not reduce it!!  But I am just a radical “planet hater!”

By the way, you don’t want to pay more for “clean” energy, do you?

Besides, cleaner energy can be dangerous: click here.

George Bush handled this liberal energy question very well: click here.

$117,000 for what?

Really, what is $117,000 in a 77 Billion dollar budget?  But no one cares and the Governor certianly spends rececklessly and blames the taxpayer for a transportation problem! The con he called a “special session” for transportation was DOA, yet he wanted Obama to see he that he isn’t afraid to fight for his (opps, your) money!  I don’t know about you but I am impressed!

What is this?  Del. Joseph D.(if you can’t join’em, beat’em up) Morrissey said, “Everyone was worried about [campaign] brochures,” he said. “If every delegate was to retire from the House [after the special session] we would have a wonderful mechanism, a transportation bill, which I promise you would include a gas tax.”

I am very slow, but lets see if I can make sense of this…the bad, evil, anti-tax conservatives said no to tax increases because they have to be re-elected and its really not their ideology or what the people want, it is just political?   The liberal mind is a terrible thing to waste!

New Americans?

Here it comes…..new way to discribe Illegal aliens! As if we need one!! Our Governor, Tim Kaine, has coined a new phrase that I am sure will be picked up by the radical left and, maybe, even Osama, opps, Obama!  We covered this a few weeks ago on our program and here is the reminder!

Tim Kaine…the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Pre-K cuts crime?


I really cant take it…this is why Richard and I have the barf bucket between us in the studio!  We hear this constantly: “Implement a big government liberal program because it will solve some other problem in society!”  If this were true, after all the liberal ideas we have implemented, we ought to be seeing refunds by now, poverty should be gone, Soviet Union would still exist, and Europe’s health care would have cured cancer!!

This article is rubbish, to say it kindly!  Liberal myths: Poverty causes crime, Education stops crime, Tax cuts for rich cause poverty, and Hillary would be a good President! 

Conservative truths:  Graduate from High School (preferably private school), Abstain from sex, avoid single parenthood, get married (1 male, 1 female), have children (raise to be God fearing, moral, and productive), work hard, and vote for tax cuts!  In other words, families prevent crime and poverty, not Pre-K or midnight basketball!  Moms and Dads living together, raising kids!  Shocking, isn’t it!

If poverty caused crime then the Great Depression would have be the biggest street fight in history!  But families were intact then!  Would you, if struck with poverty, give in to crime? Exactly! If you had no education, would you put all your efforts into mastering the art of crime or a career?  Why?  Because you were raised  to be God-fearing, moral, and productive.  And all that despite the massive liberalism of the last forty years!  Good for you!

God save the Commonwealth from Kaine!

Oh yeah, the other myths? Hillary would make an awful president and a rich man with a tax cut did not take money out of your pocket!  Listen to this on the web site:Jan_12th_Lee_Bros_answer_tax_question.mp3