Las Vegas trip

Yes, I was in Las Vegas against the President’s wishes this week.  What concerns me is this guy found out:

Dear Gibbering, Drooling Patriot Dudes;

It is my understanding that one if not both of you went to Nevada over the express directive of our president to NOT blow a bunch of cash in Los Vegas!

Whose money do you think that is, anyway?  Huh? Just because it hasn’t been taxed away from you doesn’t mean it isn’t going to and President Obama has given you fair warning.

Are you not aware that the IRS is buying tactical shotguns?

There is nothing more dangerous than a government tax accountant carrying a Remington 870!

Talking about blowing holes in your tax cheat lies!!  That is going to be one serious audit.  Jeesh! I can’t believe how stupid you two are!

But then again, you are conservatives who think that the Constitution’s negative rights are going to protect you from shotgun toting bureaucrats.

They don’t care about your stinking “rights.” They want the money.

Thankfully, President Obama is going to help you avoid all that drama by relieving you of Pernicious Prosperity. By selfishly accumulating so much excess money, you, in your myopic wrong-wing view, think that you can simply avoid your social responsibilities by enjoying yourself.

Well, this is no time to be enjoying anything. People are suffering now and there is going to be plenty more of it before it is all over.

By unburdening you of all that unnecessary “discretionary” spending, President Obama is insuring that your IRS audit will be a smooth and pleasant process.

And you mock and criticize the president at every opportunity…

… You two should be ashamed!  Perry

Should I be concerned that Perry is keeping to close of eye on The Lee Brothers?


Another liberal email!!

This is amazing…once again..I have to question if people like this really exist!  This has to be a put on!

Dear Gibbering, Drooling Patriots;

I write you confident that you are sadly trying your best to enjoy the holiday season, particularly that fable of Virgin birth. You two are insufficiently sophisticated to realize the real divinity of Mother Earth, or Gaia, or appreciate her special day of celebration, April 22nd, which is also, by no mere coincidence, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s birthday.

But I digress.

You two boobies insist on plumbing the depths of depravity with your insane obsession with liberty. When will you people just give it up? The manacles of the New World Order are being clasped around your ankles as we speak.  The Senate is on the verge of passing the universal health care bill which will control every aspect of your pathetic lives and there is nothing you can do about it.

Vote them out?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • The economic migrants, i.e. “illegals,” will be made citizens and will be organized to vote for my side by the next major election.
  • ACORN will be lavishly funded by the health care bill so there will be plenty of money to buy votes, stuff ballot boxes, and smear perfectly competent conservative candidates with abject lies.
  • If nothing else, President Obama will declare an emergency in reaction to a completely manufactured “crisis” and so suspend elections for the security of the country.  After all, we wouldn’t want to change horses in the middle of the stream; reference FDR, I think.

So, ponder the possibilities of your freedom’s goodbye, and have a Merry Little Christmas. It might be one of your last ones.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Warmest (like from hell) regards,


The Lee Brothers – Night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas,

 When all through the Senate and House,The evil creatures were stirring, Led by Nancy Pelosi in a low cut scary blouse..

Their stockings were hung, In the rotunda with care, In hopes that St Barry, Soon would be there…

The family minded conservatives, Were home tucking their children into bed, While visions of living in a free country again, Danced in their heads…

Pelosi in her kerchief, And Harry Reid in his cap, Had just sat down to write another bill, More Socialist crap…

 When out on the lawn There rose such a clatter, Pelosi and Reid jumped up from the table To see what was the matter…

Outside of the Capitol, They flew like a flash, Harry and Nancy slipped on the ice, And busted their ass…

The moon on the breast, Of a new fallen snow, Gave a luster of mid-day, To objects below…

And to their wondering eyes, What should appear, But St Barry himself, A red and white suit he did wear…

They cried out in horror, “St Barry, why you wearing that suit? How else can I walk into every house in America, And make off with their loot?

 More rapid than Eagles, His Comrades they came, And he whistled and shouted, And called them by name…

 Now Rhambo, Now Biden, Now Warner and Franks, On Webb and Snowe ! What a big band of skanks,

To the top of every porch, To the top of every wall, Now dash away, dash away, Capitalism shall fall!

And like leaves before, The wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, Mount to the sky…

 Out to the houses, The comrades they flew, With their laws and their rules, And St Barry too…

And as America was sleeping, I heard on my porch, The prying open of my front door, their footsteps on my floor…

 As I drew in my head And was turning around Up the staircase came St Barry, He Came with a bound…

He was dressed in red and white fur, With brass rings on his hat, He looked like a pimp, And he stepped on my cat…

A big black satchel Was hung over his back and as quick as he entered the room, he was loading up all of my crap…

I asked him what the hell, He replied with a frown, Now I told you during the campaign, Im spreading your stuff all over town…

His eyes how they twinkled, To be truthful, they were scary, His cheeks were like roses, And his nose like a cherry…

His drooling little mouth Was drawn up like a bow And the hair on his temples Was beginning to turn as white as snow…

The stump of MY pipe. He held tight in his teeth, And the smoke of my tobacco, Encircled his pimp hat like a wreath…

He was quite a bit skinnier, Than he looked on TV, And I laughed when I saw him, Until I realized who he actually be…

 A wink of his eye, And a twist of his head, Plus 100 Secret Service agents around him, I knew if I moved I’d be dead…

 He spoke no more words, And went straight to work, As he filled that black bag, Saw my picture of Bush and yelled, “JERK”…

And shoving his finger, Right up in his nose, I gotta tell you, Man, that was gross…

Out the door to the porch, To his comrades he gave a whistle, Out of my garage they came, With everything including my pistol…

They sprang to their limos, Off to my neighbors they flew, I knew they would rob him, Anyone who works will get screwed…

And I heard him exclaim As they drove out of sight, Bah humbug my Comrades, To your capitalism, good night…

I know….PUKE!

Kaine’s parting gift

A tax increase!  Yep, what else would you expect from the DNC Chairman! 

“While I appreciate your thoughts regarding the burdens faced by our citizens and businesses in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, your letter conveys a failure to grasp the stark realities of the coming budget,” Kaine wrote. “We are far beyond the stage of eliminating inefficiencies or making merely difficult cuts.”

Don’t you wish you had that option with your employer!  Imagine going to see your Boss and saying this, “I have cut everything I can out of my household budget!  I need you to pay me more, now!  I have eliminated all inefficiencies!”  Yep, let me know how that works out for you!

But Kaine?  It is easy and gutless to run to the taxpayer, his employer, and demand more money…because he can!  I told you this was going to happen, government can’t live with less, never!  But you can!

We talked about it here! 


3rd Annual – Christmas Wishes from Home

We have men and women in harm’s way and apart from their families, again, this Christmas! The Lee Brother’s want to give you a chance to wish them a Merry Christmas!

Please join us Dec 19th at 7am Dec 23rd at 4pm on 1140 WRVA for a very special Patriot Radio Christmas Wishes From Home!  Simply call in during our show on that day for your holiday greeting.  If you can’t join us, you can send us an email and we will read it on the air!

We will post the show here on our site so that they can hear it at their convenience!  It is the least we can do for the greatest among us!

Let’s burn the WRVA  phone lines and thank our troops!

God Bless the US Military!

Random thoughts from Virginia Citizens..

  • This new Senate Health Care bill has 118 new government agencies! Listen here!
  • Best Buy runs an ad in support of Muslim holiday. Listen here!
  • New Calf mutilations show up in western states! Richard and Scott argue it here!
  • Obama finally deals with War on Terror, after 11 months! A horrible Commander-in-Chief!  Listen here!
  • Who is the next “surprise” visitor to the White House party? Listen here!
  • Are all these people lined up to buy big screen TV’s getting government handouts? Listen here!

E-mail from a listener

Every once in a while, we get some very interesting e-mails!  I thought you might like this one:

Lee Brothers;

I will admit up front that I don’t listen to you very often. Sleep is NOT overrated!! But having said that, your whiny dissonance is just too much for me to take. But what really frosts me is how you can call yourself patriots, brazenly acting as apologists for freedom, self-sufficiency, and personal accountability.

Don’t you understand that bondage is the natural order of the universe? That people, owing to their inherent proclivity toward corruption, are incapable of governing themselves?

Taking this as a given, it is absolutely unconscionable for you to pump out an endless stream of indisputable facts, figures, and historical perspectives that erroneously bolster your listener’s belief in life, liberty, and the American Way.

Instead of further promulgating these myths, you should be supporting our president in his quest to suborn our country to the New World Order.

 Rather than continuing to resist his noble efforts, you should in there assisting him in convincing the American people to steer themselves away from pernicious  prosperity. They are too stupid to see this or even handle their own money. That is why they should turn it all over to a higher authority.

And for pity sakes guys, if you did nothing else, you could be acting as shepherds, helping Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid herd us along like lemmings toward the fatal cliff of single payer health care.

You know, you may have made a tidy little sum of money for spewing out your venom, but your little pile of gold pales in comparison to that of global patriot and international financier, George Soros.  What part of his of brilliance, however demonic, can’t you understand?  Mr. Soros has certainly embraced the dissolution of the United States.  Why can’t you?

But of course, your life’s work seems to be making the general population unhappy with the impending social meltdown. You work to prolong their dreams of a nice little house with a picket fence, an SUV, wholesome food, the best health care, and an annual two week vacation with the family to some nice beach location… or maybe the mountains.

If you prevail, they won’t be happy in a worker’s paradise of high rise apartment projects, graffiti, drug dependence, and hospital operating rooms that look like something out of a 1930s Soviet butcher shop.

Instead, they will be unjustifiably dissatisfied with being huddled up in cold, dark, living quarters, forced to share intimate space with total strangers; suffering from ailments that would have been  child’s play to successfully treat just a couple of short decades prior.

They will have memories that tell them they want the right to keep the fruits of their own labor- and live like the oligarchs that so benevolently rule them.

To employ a totally inappropriate metaphor; you guys, like some redneck Alabama governor of not so long ago, stand in the doorway, preventing real progress from being ushered in.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed! Surely someday in the future, just when you need that life-saving quadruple bypass surgery, there conveniently won’t be enough money in the system to see that you have it.

And all of your money will belong to Timothy Geitner.

Sincerely,  PH

How would anyone respond to this?  Do people really think this way or are we being put on?

Steve Shannon calls “states rights” racist

This is the normal move for most Democrats…the race card…label your opponent as a hidden racists!  This is pure insanity or an incredible act of desparation…probably both!

But to infer that those who support State Sovereignty (10th Amendment) or states rights is a step backward to racism or “not for today” is evidence of a guy who is out of touch with Washington!  Is he blind?  Federalism is dying, if not dead, and Shannon thinks it’s not for today??

Well, I guess if your buddies are in DC and you like Obama’s policies, you can’t count on him to defend the state against an over-reaching Federal government!  Shannon even trashed the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag! 

So, what am I talking about?  This all went down during the last AG debate and we covered it here!  Take just 4 minutes and listen to this segment of our show, it is amazing!

Ken Cuccinelli  is a defender of State Sovereignty and will defend the Commonwealth from the massive federal mandates that are coming!  Vote Cuccinelli!

The Cause is Liberty!

Filling in for the Lee Brothers

Richard and I will be out-of-town for tomorrows show…BUT we are very pleased to introduce a new voice to WRVA!

Clyde Farris (photo here)  Clyde sat with us last week during our show and I think you will love him!  Well, according to his Manifesto:

The United States Government Should:

  • Defend its borders and citizens
  • Maintain its infrastructure
  • Protect individual freedoms
  • Uphold the constitution                                 
The United States Government Should Not: 
  • Create jobs
  • Offer insurance
  • Insure mortgages
  • Finance college education
  • Provide retirement income
  • Bail out failed businesses
  • Develop property or seize property
  • Compete with businesses
  • Interfere with private commerce
  • Provide housing
  • Provide food
  • Raise children

Richard and I welcome him and I trust you will, too!  He certainly is an “Honorary Lee Brother”!

Have a great show Clyde! 

Sleep is over rated!

Fla. GOP members shoot Muslim targets at gun range

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. — South Florida Republicans held a weekly meeting at a gun range, shooting at targets including cut-outs of a Muslim holding a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

The GOP candidate to replace U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fired at a full-body silhouette with “DWS” written next to its head.

Wasserman Schultz declined comment, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called the Tuesday event “extremist” and “sexist.”

Robert Lowry, who’s vying for Wasserman Schultz’s seat, initially described his target as a joke. Minutes later, he called it a mistake.

Richard and I had a little disagreement about this.  Click here to hear the family argument!