Just a Tea Party between Brothers

I love the Tea Party Movement.  The entire principle that it was founded on is based on the original Boston Tea Party protesting a government that doesn’t represent us and oppressive in taxation and regulation.  It is this history and ideal that I support this 21st century tea party. 

I spoke in front of 5000 of them in Richmond for the first Tea Party event, and at the Cigar Fundraiser, and even helped them pick the biggest turkey in Congress.  I find thee people ablaze with passion for freedom, free markets, and limited constitutional government. Let’s call them the conscience of our founding principles.

Of course, I support the Tea Party!  This is a group that has brought Americans together and gave them a voice against the Republicans and Democrats.  It is a real force for good and is a powerful voice for freedom!  The Tea Party groups are effective and powerful as a grassroots movement.

A grassroots movement!  Once it becomes a political party it, by definition, loses the very thing it despises – part of the political system.  It should remain a voice of freedom-loving, non-partisan Americans!  Yet, the threat of a third party is powerful in keeping the parties in line-but this should not be the role of the Tea Parties.  The TP should expose liberals and support real constitutional candidates.  It is here their impact is huge (as recent elections prove.)  The Richmond Tea Party is doing a great job in this regard.

I, Scott Lee, am a pround member of the Tea Party movement!  Call me a supporter!

(And I think Richard is too, but don’t tell him I said that!)

Las Vegas trip

Yes, I was in Las Vegas against the President’s wishes this week.  What concerns me is this guy found out:

Dear Gibbering, Drooling Patriot Dudes;

It is my understanding that one if not both of you went to Nevada over the express directive of our president to NOT blow a bunch of cash in Los Vegas!

Whose money do you think that is, anyway?  Huh? Just because it hasn’t been taxed away from you doesn’t mean it isn’t going to and President Obama has given you fair warning.

Are you not aware that the IRS is buying tactical shotguns?

There is nothing more dangerous than a government tax accountant carrying a Remington 870!

Talking about blowing holes in your tax cheat lies!!  That is going to be one serious audit.  Jeesh! I can’t believe how stupid you two are!

But then again, you are conservatives who think that the Constitution’s negative rights are going to protect you from shotgun toting bureaucrats.

They don’t care about your stinking “rights.” They want the money.

Thankfully, President Obama is going to help you avoid all that drama by relieving you of Pernicious Prosperity. By selfishly accumulating so much excess money, you, in your myopic wrong-wing view, think that you can simply avoid your social responsibilities by enjoying yourself.

Well, this is no time to be enjoying anything. People are suffering now and there is going to be plenty more of it before it is all over.

By unburdening you of all that unnecessary “discretionary” spending, President Obama is insuring that your IRS audit will be a smooth and pleasant process.

And you mock and criticize the president at every opportunity…

… You two should be ashamed!  Perry

Should I be concerned that Perry is keeping to close of eye on The Lee Brothers?


Fun quote of the day…

“In [the president’s] budget, which we passed 100 days after his swearing-in, he had a blueprint for how we go into the future, create jobs, stabilize the economy [and] do so as we reduce the deficit — [it’s] very central to everything we do — reduce the deficit.” –House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Wow, these people are brazen and arrogant!  Really Nancy, well…how did that work out for you?  Nearly quadrupling the deficit in Obama’s first year is far from a “blueprint” for responsibility!

Shouldn’t we hold these people accountable in some way?

Dare I say again…..PUKE!

E-mail from a listener

Every once in a while, we get some very interesting e-mails!  I thought you might like this one:

Lee Brothers;

I will admit up front that I don’t listen to you very often. Sleep is NOT overrated!! But having said that, your whiny dissonance is just too much for me to take. But what really frosts me is how you can call yourself patriots, brazenly acting as apologists for freedom, self-sufficiency, and personal accountability.

Don’t you understand that bondage is the natural order of the universe? That people, owing to their inherent proclivity toward corruption, are incapable of governing themselves?

Taking this as a given, it is absolutely unconscionable for you to pump out an endless stream of indisputable facts, figures, and historical perspectives that erroneously bolster your listener’s belief in life, liberty, and the American Way.

Instead of further promulgating these myths, you should be supporting our president in his quest to suborn our country to the New World Order.

 Rather than continuing to resist his noble efforts, you should in there assisting him in convincing the American people to steer themselves away from pernicious  prosperity. They are too stupid to see this or even handle their own money. That is why they should turn it all over to a higher authority.

And for pity sakes guys, if you did nothing else, you could be acting as shepherds, helping Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid herd us along like lemmings toward the fatal cliff of single payer health care.

You know, you may have made a tidy little sum of money for spewing out your venom, but your little pile of gold pales in comparison to that of global patriot and international financier, George Soros.  What part of his of brilliance, however demonic, can’t you understand?  Mr. Soros has certainly embraced the dissolution of the United States.  Why can’t you?

But of course, your life’s work seems to be making the general population unhappy with the impending social meltdown. You work to prolong their dreams of a nice little house with a picket fence, an SUV, wholesome food, the best health care, and an annual two week vacation with the family to some nice beach location… or maybe the mountains.

If you prevail, they won’t be happy in a worker’s paradise of high rise apartment projects, graffiti, drug dependence, and hospital operating rooms that look like something out of a 1930s Soviet butcher shop.

Instead, they will be unjustifiably dissatisfied with being huddled up in cold, dark, living quarters, forced to share intimate space with total strangers; suffering from ailments that would have been  child’s play to successfully treat just a couple of short decades prior.

They will have memories that tell them they want the right to keep the fruits of their own labor- and live like the oligarchs that so benevolently rule them.

To employ a totally inappropriate metaphor; you guys, like some redneck Alabama governor of not so long ago, stand in the doorway, preventing real progress from being ushered in.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed! Surely someday in the future, just when you need that life-saving quadruple bypass surgery, there conveniently won’t be enough money in the system to see that you have it.

And all of your money will belong to Timothy Geitner.

Sincerely,  PH

How would anyone respond to this?  Do people really think this way or are we being put on?

Can we survive?

Budgets (public, government) are shrinking…fast!  And the question on the minds of Virignians…..Can we survive without government services?  The Times-Dispatch has many articles detailing the “downfall of society”:

Officials seek ways to deal with budget shortfall

Virginia tax collections reflect struggling economy

Get ready folks…here it comes!  The biggest whine-fest, horror-story, fear-mongering you have ever heard!  Remember, only you and your family can live with less, never the government!  But, even I, understand these cuts are going to have to be deep! 

Something very good can come of this….peope will begin to learn that life can really go on and life can function without government programs and services!  Yes!  It can!  (or should I say, “Yes, we can!”)  Where services are vital…the private sector can respond…where serives where niceties in good times…they can go away (just like your home when things get tough!)

However, I have already heard rumors (mostly from the education establishment,  not the only time, and not the first time) that some will be asking for a tax increase!  OF COURSE! 

Get ready…fight against any proposal to raise fees and taxes!  As a reminder, the gutless, easy thing to do is run to the taxpayers for help by raising taxes…courage is cutting programs and waste!  Lets watch and see who is Gutless or Courageous!

Because we can survive!

Can’t we?

Turkeys for Congress

Great idea from the Richmond Tea Party!

In order to call attention to the pending explosion of Big Government, Richmond Tea Party has asked the community to help name The Biggest Turkey in Congress.   

How does it work?

·     1.  Have the Richmond Tea Party pick up a turkey for you  or purchase a turkey on your own.  If you ask the Richmond Tea Party to get your turkey, we will buy it and deliver it to one of the three drop off locations on your behalf.

·     2.  Name your turkey in honor of the biggest turkey in Congress (Turkey Pelosi, Turkey Perriello, Turkey Rangel, Turkey Cao).

·     3.  Drop off your turkey at one of the three drop off sites around Richmond on Saturday, November 21st from 10am-2pm. 

·     Turkeys will be donated to Richmond Area Food Banks.

   Help us collect at least 535 Turkeys for Thanksgiving! 

Wasteful spending?

Talked about it here!

Surely the government wouldn’t waste money!  Congress understands the importance of every tax dollar and how important it is to protect it.  PUKE!

 In Ansonia, Conn., $2.3 million in federal stimulus funds is being used for insect research, specifically the “rearing [of] large numbers of anthropoids” which includes the “Asian long-horned beetle, the nun moth and the wooly adelgid,” the New Haven Advocate reported.
Duluth, Minn., rarely known for its high temperatures, received $6 million in economic stimulus funds for a snowmaking facility, even though it is the 15th snowiest city in America, according to City-Data.com.
As much as $30 million in federal funds will go to spring training facilities for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies, two Major League Baseball teams. The full cost of the training complex in Scottsdale, Ariz., is $100 million.

Yet, we constantly hear that we need more money for some pet project of the left or told that the rich don’t pay their fair share!  NEVER..never trust this goofs!  They have plenty of money….in fact..so much that they waste it!  Through it away! Don’t care!  I say cut taxes now!  Do not allow these idiots to convince you that we are short of money! 

He who is faithful over little will be trusted with much! 

God help us!

Still trying to divide us by race

I think Obama missed the Indian Tribes in his list of all the “voting blocks” that he appealed to in the election!

Now,  we (federal government) have to give 6 indian tribes in VA $800 million??   According to the TD these 6 tribes only have 3,000 members!  Anyone have a problem with this or am I just an insensitive boob?

Tim Kaine is fine with it! (Shock me!) “By bringing this legislation to a vote before the committee we are closer than we have ever been to finally righting an historic wrong for Virginia and the nation,” Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said in a statement.  Closer?  Closer of what?  I must have missed the evil of America!

America always has some kind of “wrong” that the Left has to make right!  And they are always so good at pointing out all those bad things…even when they give speeches overseas!


Apartment residents told to take down U.S. flags..AND..UNH student’s flag display is forbidden

Two wonderful, uplifting stories about those who hate our country!


  1. But to Oaks Apartment management, Clausen said, the American flag symbolizes problems.
  2. White said management told her that “someone might get offended.”
  3. Resident we talked to who had been approached to take down their flags all told us the same thing: that management told them the flags could be offensive because they live in a diverse community.

All this is happening at an apartment complex in Oregon! The Management are obviously Obama supports who don’t like our country or don’t think it is exceptional!  I can not stand this fools!  Enjoying the very freedom and protections of the greatest country on the planet yet trash it every chance they get!  It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one idiot running an apartment complex in Oregon, but these guys are now running our country!

They certainly wouldn’t understand “Patriot Radio” or the sacrifice of our great troops for this country!  They feel better apologizing for it and trashing it..opps…I forgot…that was before Obama changed our country!

This from the group that would rather make a pledge to the earth instead of the Flag!


What would you do if you lived in this apartment complex?


One liberal loser complains…ONE…..and the flag got to come down at University of New Hampshire!  When are we going to say to the whinny American-hating liberals…..”Stick it in your ear!”