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School Choice! NEEDED!


The Lee Brother’s are off today celebrating America and you should also!

IF WE WERE ON TODAY, here is what we would cover:
  • Jefferson’s pen changed the world on July 4th 1776!
  • America..people still dying to get here! Yet some here hate it!
  • Virginia’s new laws starting July 1st are radically left. Race questions by police? Universal background gun checks? New taxes! Repeal vote Id laws! Illegals pay less tuition than citizens!
  • American NFL is done! Opening game feature Black National Anthem and Redskins being forced by big corporations to change name!
  • Virginia Democrats “defelonize” assaulting police!
  • Virginia could require teachers to be certified in African American history?
  • New commission in VA: “Minority Business Commission”? doing what?
Maybe we should have been on today? 🙂  Enjoy your weekend!
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Pro-America Trump 2020 Ad

Posted by: Scott Lee | July 1, 2020

Why I love America!

So very good…

Must watch!

Posted by: Scott Lee | June 27, 2020

June 26th Podcast

Amazing 911 call in Fredericksburg, Northam’s new tattling website, BLM agenda, fake hate crimes, No more Dixie Chicks, Warner needs to go!

Tune in on our Facebook fan page at The Lee Brothers and now streaming at!

  • Want to tattle on your local business for not wearing a mask? There is a website for that! Oh goody!
  • Virginia Mom terrorized by mob and 911 says “sorry, cant do anything!” Meanwhile, guns sells climb!
  • Richmond council say ban tear gas not the riots!
  • Virginia teachers need to teach anti-racism by “Reframing the Narrative?” Be very afraid!
  • Virginia will MANDATE employers with Covid 19 regulations!
  • Popular Mechanics publishes guide to tearing down statues?
  • Another country band changes name
  • California bans travel to Idaho because transgender laws?
..and more.
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Posted by: Scott Lee | June 25, 2020

No…Facebook bias?


Posted by: Scott Lee | June 24, 2020

Well worth watching…

Thanks Tom Cotton

Posted by: Scott Lee | June 21, 2020

Direct Answer to Tim Kaine…

Posted by: Scott Lee | June 21, 2020

The Lee Brother’s June 19th Show

With no radio signal, The Lee Brother’s react, Tim Kaine hates America while Walter E Williams loves the country, T-shirt in Loudoun County bar is offensive, Oklahoma State football is worried about feelings, Supreme Court is a disaster, George Washington is inconsistent with teaching history?, Father’s Matter.

The station has been bought and programming has been completely changed. The life of radio! Constant change. Over the last 18 years, we have broadcast on four different stations. And we will adjust again…

PODCAST/FACEBOOK the Founding Fathers Intended! Today 4-6pm.
Tune in on our Facebook fan page at The Lee Brothers or on line at (for now) only.
-The Lee Brother’s announcement on the future!
-Tim Kaine says America is worse than you even thought!
-Football coach apologizes for a …t-shirt!
-Northam says we need a new state holiday for something in Texas
-“Drunk Wives Matter” gets local bar in trouble. ??
-Boy Scouts have new “Diversity” badge
-Va Beach plans new slogan…yep..BLM.
-What “conservative” Supreme Court?
-Father’s Day…MATTERS!
..and more.
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Posted by: Scott Lee | June 12, 2020 the Founding Fathers Intended!

LIVE Today 4-6pm. On 820am WNTW The Answer AND 92.7 FM


  • Northam administration sees racists everywhere.  And they will fix it.
  • Support BLM or get fired!  Mob rule is now your employer!
  • Charlottesville removing police from schools.
  • VA Secretary of Education’s plan to fix race by be more racists!
  • Now Washington and Jefferson must come down. Burn down DC!
  • Country band Lady Antebellum changes name and apologizes. 🙂
  • BB gun in “Virtual” classroom causes panic!  Not a joke…but should be.
  • 5000 Man March tomorrow on Monument Avenue? Nothing will go wrong.
  • Bugs Bunny cartoon politically corrected!
  • Richmond bans cell phones while driving and allows violence while protesting!
  • What The Lee Brother’s told their kids about the police.

…and more!

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