Richard Lee Bio


Richard Lee passed away in his sleep on April 30th, 2023 from complications of multiple health issues.



Richard Lee grew up with a fairly large family. He is Scott’s older, and as Richard puts it, “much wiser brother”. He took his younger brother under his wing early in life to show him the way of the Conservative… Now he sometimes wonders if he created a monster.

Today, Richard and his family live in Studley, Virginia approximately 100 yards from Patrick Henry’s birthplace. He enjoys history and what better place to live than here in Virginia. He has an extremely patient and tolerant wife, Kerry, 2 grown children, Rick and Brittany who both have kids of their own (Calvin and Nolyn) and 2 younger children, Miranda and Nathaniel. They also have 3 rescue dogs, Roscoe, Mary and Bruce.

As a family, they enjoy traveling to the beach, the mountains, Pennsylvania Amish Country, the Islands, and especially camping. Anywhere and anytime as long as they are together. Movie night is always a special time as well as their evening cruises around the neighborhood in their golf cart. They are very close and always together.

Richard enjoys fishing, movies, dining out, traveling, collecting, antiquing, refinishing and repairing antiques and old furniture, digging with his mini backhoe and woodworking. He enjoys radio with his brother. “A spirited debate is good for the soul”, he says. Discussing Politics and debating the issues are his favorite pass times when he and his brother get together.

Richard Lee says, “In one sense, I am a “Lee Brother” by default”, however; in the big picture, Richard says, “to be a “Lee Brother” has an entirely different meaning” There are thousands of Lee Brothers out there. To become a Lee Brother you must believe in America and all that She stands for. You must believe that this country truly is the greatest gift God has given man on this earth and you must be ready to defend this great nation, either in a conversation with a liberal wacko at the water cooler, or all the way to the shores of Tripoli if that is what it takes, in every way and on any given day. Then and only then are you truly a “Lee Brother”. And as a “Lee Brother” you will have a responsibility to not be silent, to be vocal about your beliefs and to tell it like you see it.   Being a Lee Brother to Richard is not about the family ties, it’s a way of life…